Vision Pro doesn't work for everyone, can you be one of them?

The Apple product that is most talked about these days is the VisionPro. We have all already seen a video of how they work, and despite their price, we would love to try them and have them all, but they have a small problem.

And, due to its operation, there are types of people who will never be able to try themsince its iris is not capable of synchronizing movement with the Vision Pro processor, so they will not work.

Will the Vision Pro work for me?

Although it is not known for sure whether the Vision Pro will work for you until you try it, we can guess, because most of these people are part of a type of group that we will analyze now.

Apple does not specify exactly who can fail and who cannot, but it suggests important data, among which are the people with eye surgerysuch as a myopia correction with a lens, or those who directly wear contact lensesalthough not all of them cause errors, and the best thing about this is that it has a solution, since without them you can use the glasses.

However, due to your eye type, you may be that type. minimum percentage of people that the device cannot capture, even if you have never had an operation or have eye correction. Of course, we hope that it is not so serious that in future versions they can improve this type of recognition,

The truth is that it must be quite annoying to spend $3,500 and see how the Vision Pro tells you that your eye is useless. I haven't tried them, and it would make me very angry to be one of the few people in the world who could never use them for the first time. Let's hope everything has a solution and no one is left without this new toy.

So far there aren't many people who have complained about this. Before purchasing the glasses themselves, they ask you questions such as whether you wear contact lenses, glasses, etc., trying to offer you the best version. We don't know what happens if you buy them and they don't work for you. Would Apple refund your money? Since we are not really talking about a cheap product, such that we cannot use it, although they are clear, and they warn about it in their terms and conditions.

apple vision pro cover

And you, what do you think of all this? Have you had the opportunity to try them? If not, do you think you may be one of the few who will be rejected by the Vision Pro? I'm quite intrigued, honestly. It's almost impossible for him to touch you, but… we already know that good things are never all, but this type of thing is.

For now in Spain we have to wait to be able to officially buy them here. Maybe when they arrive they have already solved many of these problems, and they further reduce those types of people that the glasses cannot recognize. It is expected that in April they will begin to circulate in China and some European countries such as France, our neighbor. Will you go get them there?