watchOS 10 will introduce folders in its deep interface redesign

There is less and less doubt that watchOS 10 is going to be a revolution. We have spent years with a very continuous interface that has changed little compared to the first version of watchOS. In fact, the rumors around this idea are great and such important personalities as Mark Gurman have already joined this drift, which is why it is gaining more and more strength and meaning. In a new leak it is pointed out that this deep redesign of watchOS 10 will also bring a new home screen with folders, just as they already exist in iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.

Folders are coming to watchOS 10

Although there is no really specific data, what there is is an idea and a concept from Apple for watchOS 10: go a step further and modify the whole interface. According to the latest news, Apple would be preparing the biggest interface change ever seen in watchOS with a new home screen, widgets and new ways to move around the operating system. However, no major news has yet emerged beyond the concepts imagined by users on the networks.

watchOS 10 concept

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This concept of watchOS 10 revolutionizes the home screen with widgets

Today we have known through the user @analyst941 on Twitter that watchOS 10 could integrate folders as an organizing element on the new home screen. Without much more detail, this user assures that he has much more information and that he will publish it soon. In addition, this new home screen is expected to be completely redesigned although what is not known is if this layout will come by default or could be optionally added for each user.

Faced with this type of news, we can only be a little skeptical, wait and see if these leaks are reliable or not based on the drift of the rest of the leakers and the heavy news that will arrive in the coming weeks. Remember that watchOS 10 along with other operating systems such as iPadOS and iOS 17 will be presented on June 5 at the WWDC23 opening keynote.