We continue to discover features of the updates that Apple presented at the last WWDC 2024 and that it did not comment on at the developer event, and one of them we had been waiting for for a long time: automatic sleep detection.

Sleep monitoring has been among the functions of the Apple Watch for quite some time. It debuted as a fairly rudimentary functionality that offers very little data beyond the time you slept, but little by little it has become more important until today it offers us much more data about our sleep, in addition to measuring during that phase. other very relevant data such as heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and temperature. But for all this to work we have to activate sleep mode on our watch.

Sleep health

However, a detail that Apple did not mention in the last presentation of watchOS 11 is that now this sleep monitoring function can automatically detect when you take a nap. As you can see in the image in the sleep graph you can see the night period on the left, but after we can see a bar on the right that is the afternoon nap. It does not offer information as detailed as that of the night period, but in quantifying the total sleep of the day both periods are counted together.

Since Apple included Sleep mode in iOS and watchOS, I use it daily, not only to know the data but because It also integrates a Do Not Disturb mode and the alarm, with the possibility of customizing different wake-ups depending on the day. It is something that works automatically, detecting when you are going to sleep, but it requires this Sleep mode to be active for it to start operating. With this functionality, those occasional naps that we sometimes have the luxury of being able to enjoy will now also be included.