watchOS 11 lets you change the ringtone on the Apple Watch

Apple unveiled all the operating systems for next year a little over a month ago. Among them was watchOS 11, the operating system for the Apple Watch, which leaves out the Series 4, Series 5 and the 1st generation SE. This new update includes renovations to the Activity app, a new Vital Signs app, new watch faces, and other new apps such as the translation app. However, there are dozens of features that do not appear on the official website and that will be present in watchOS 11 such as the ability to change the Apple Watch ringtone, something we couldn't do until now with the rest of the watchOS updates.

Changing the ringtone of our watch will be possible in watchOS 11

The launch of the Apple Watch meant a change in the communications model that we had in mind until that moment. We went from having a mobile phone to having a watch connected to the mobile phone that we had in our pants pocket. In fact, We could and can make calls from the Apple Watch without taking your phone out of your bag, as well as taking and answering all those calls. All from your wrist.

watchOS 11

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watchOS 11 says goodbye to the 1st generation Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and SE

Since the launch of the Apple Watch The ringtone could not be changed when we receive calls from our iPhone. In fact, with the launch of the Series 3 in its version with mobile data we had a new ringtone, but once again without the possibility of modifying it, unlike what happens with the iPhone and iOS that do allow changing ringtones, even personalizing each contact with a different tone.

The The arrival of watchOS 11 changes all this and allows the user to modify the ringtone There are a total of 8 different ones: Pebbles, Focus, Jingle (the original), Nighthwk, Transmit, Twirl, Windup and Wonder. In addition, Apple has gone a step further and also allows you to modify the notification sound of other native apps such as Calendar, Mail, reminders and notifications with the following tones: Resonate, Brilliant, Cheer, Flutter, Globe, Moment, Scoop, Timekeeper and Tinker.