Do not tell me what has happened to the new Apple terminals that already need updates correcting errors. But you have to look on the positive side and know that they are being very fast when it comes to solving the problems that are found. So fast in the case of the Apple Watch Ultra that there is already a new exclusive version of watchOS. This new version 9.01 solves an existing problem in the audio.

On the same day that those lucky enough to pre-order the Apple Watch Ultra are receiving it, a new update has been released that makes it possible to fix a bug in the watch audio that It prevented us from clearly hearing our interlocutor in the case of phone calls or when Siri answered our requests. The distortions that were occurring on some devices should have been corrected with this update.

The best thing about all this is that at the moment the problems that have been found have been solved by software and therefore we can say that the Apple Watch Ultra is well built and at the moment there is nothing that prevents us from having it on our wrist, except, perhaps, the price of buying one of these. Now that, if you are an athlete or adventurer, it is an option to take into account, if you want to renew a watch or you did not have one and were thinking of acquiring one.

Remember that this new version of watchOS does not come pre-installed on the watch, so you will have to do it manually or automatically. To do this you can download the update by opening the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and going to General > Software update. To install the new software, the Apple Watch must have at least 50 percent battery power, must be placed on a charger, and must be within range of the iPhone.