WatchOS 9.1 Update For Beta 4 Available For Developers

On Tuesday, the Apple company launched its 4th beta 16.1 of iOS. Soon after, Apple also released the beat 4 of watchOS 9.1 for their developers. This new update has arrived just in time when it is needed to improve the stability of the operating system of the Apple Watch. The watchOS 9.1 is Apple’s ninth version that requires stability and update. 

Developers Receive Update WatchOS 9.1 

The update for today has the build number “20S5063c”. This can be compared to the earlier build number from beat 3 which was “20S5055e”. However, the news is not exactly thrilling because of the reason that there is a lack of release notes in relation to watchOS 9.1. As a result, the changes given by Apple are still not known, and have not been informed of them yet. 

It is rumored that Apple might be working on several thrilling enhancements in a confidential manner. These enhancements might include security improvements and bug fixes. This watchOS 9.1 from Apple belongs to their Series 4 which was released last month along with new faces of the watch and remodeled old ones. 

Details On Apple Watch Series 

Apple’s update for watchOS 9.1 is also expected to expand the keyboard support of QWERTY which will enable more languages. In addition, a new app that will enable medication reminders revamped the Compass app as well as added detailed workouts. 

Apple also decided to improve the watch Sleep app alongside watchOS 9 through the way of adding detailed sleep data. They have also added new Medication features which help in tracking vitamins and pills consumed by the users every day. watchOS 9.1 of beta 4 by Apple along with other betas might also experience new changes from 7th October. We look forward to hearing reviews on the update from users.