Within the watchOS 9 operating system, we already have intermediate versions. In fact Apple is currently testing version 9.4. It is in Beta phase and for that reason, at the moment it is only accessible to developers. At the moment there are not many new features, but the ones that do exist are quite interesting. For example, it has been detected that this new version includes a new process of battery recalibration for Apple Watch Series 6. We explain why.

Apple is currently beta testing version 9.4 of watchOS and seems to want to include a new battery recalibration process for the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6. Thus at least it has been possible to highlight the official document that Apple has created on the occasion of the development of this beta.

After updating to watchOS 9.4, the 6mm Apple Watch Series 44 will be able to estimate maximum battery capacity more accurately after the recalibration process. Apple recalibrated the batteries in Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 with the watchOS 9 update, and now the process is being extended to the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6. It is not something unique to watches. As you may know, battery recalibration has also been done for some iPhone models in the past, including the iPhone 11. Recalibration can improve inaccurate battery health estimates that some users may be seeing.

It is important to be able to determine the capacity of the watch and be able to continue using it normally or run to find a charger.

At the moment, we are in the beta phase and to be able to try it you must sign up for the specific Apple program. But I advise you only sign up if you know what you are doing And as long as you use a second computer for the tests, because although the betas are quite stable, it is likely that it could suffer some damage that will leave the device as a paperweight.