A few days ago Apple released iOS 16.4 in addition to the rest of the updates to its operating systems. Among them was watchOS 9.4, a new update that did not include major changes, but some interesting news. One of the added functions that have not been mentioned in the update notes is the ability to remove installed native apps directly from the Apple Watch, just as we can do with native iOS or iPadOS apps.

We can delete native apps from watchOS 9.4… but carefully

This is a novelty included in watchOS 9.4 but that has not been noticed by the developers in the beta period in recent weeks. Apparently Apple wants to continue fighting criticism about its monopolistic policies and follow in the wake of iOS and iPadOS. This new feature allows you to delete native apps from the Apple Watch.

Alarm on Apple Watch

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watchOS 9.4 wants you to always arrive on time and that is why it introduces this novelty in the alarm

Until now we could only delete apps from the iPhone and when we deleted an app from the iPhone it automatically disappeared from the watch. With this new option the user can remove any of the following native apps directly from the Apple Watch:

  • Activity
  • Depth
  • emergency siren
  • Look for
  • heart rate
  • maps
  • Briefcase
  • I train
  • World clock

However, You have to be careful because removing a certain app can cause cascading reactions within watchOS. For example, when we remove the Training app, we will not be able to add workouts from the native app to fill in the Activity or Training circles, for example. Just as we will not be able to receive high heart rate alerts if we delete the Heart Rate app. But we can reinstall the apps without any problem if we want to have them on our Apple Watch again.