In the last week, Apple has released the final versions available to all users of the most up-to-date operating systems of its different terminals. As far as the Apple Watch is concerned, we have watchOS 9.5 and although it has not brought too many news, it does leave the watch ready for the reception of version 10 that is supposed to be launched at the beginning of June at WWDC. Some users have noticed that this update has left a weird color on the watch.

We already know that when a version of any operating system is released to the public, it is preceded by a few months of beta testing. That is when the new features are included and those functions that do not add up or do not work are eliminated. When the final version is released, it is assumed that everything is under control. But it is only assumed, because as we are going to see now, not everything is controlled.

IN watchOS 9.5 some users have complained that this update has left a tint, a strange color on the screen of their Apple Watch. Specifically, it has been in the Reddit forums where users mention a greyish/greenish color very annoying on the watch once it has been updated on this latest version. This tint becomes more apparent when accessing the watch’s control center. That is, when we scroll from bottom to top on the screen. It is not something that affects a single model, because the Series 8, 7 and SE have been mentioned.

for now no official comments but if this continues to increase in terms of affected users, we assume that Apple will soon release an urgent update before WWDC.