Next March 8 is International Women’s Day that commemorates the struggle of women for their participation in society and their full development as a person. This date is used by millions of companies to vindicate the value of women and to demand improvements in equality between men and women throughout the world. Apple is one of those companies that wants to value International Women’s Day and it will, at least for now, with a special event for Apple Watch in order to make this movement visible with an activity challenge that will reward users who complete it with badges for iMessage and FaceTime.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a new event on your Apple Watch

Special events in watchOS are no surprise. In fact it is the daily bread on a monthly basis. It is nothing more and nothing less than special events with activity challenges commemorating different days with the aim of giving value to that date by granting some badges in the form of gifts to users if they complete the activity event.

On this occasion, the next March 8th is International Women’s Day. and Apple has wanted to pay homage, once again, to this important date for society. They do it through a special activity event available worldwide with the following objective:

On March 8, show your support for the empowerment of women everywhere. Do any workout for 20 minutes or more to earn this prize. Track your time with the Fitness app or any app that adds workouts to Health.

If you have an Apple Watch the goal will be to complete a workout of any activity of more than 20 minutes to get special International Women’s Day badges. If you want to obtain the badge and you are not a watchOS user, you only have to record a workout with an activity bracelet or application that allows you to record workouts through the Fitness app directly to the Health app. This event can only be completed on March 8 and notifications will reach all users in the coming days.