We already have iOS 16 and these are the functions that we will not see, for the moment.

We already have iOS 16 with us, with all the functions available. With all the ones that we have been telling you as they came out in the betas. Functions that have finally remained to be part of the operating system that has been released for the entire public. Surely, if you have been following the evolution of these betas, you will have seen that there are some functions that have not been left. Apple has decided not to implement them, for now. Because the vast majority have become promises for the future.

When the iOS 16 developer betas began to be released, we have been telling you about the news that it could bring to our iPhone. The developers have been telling us about the benefits of some functions and others. We have even seen how some of these functions have been left in the lurch and for the moment they have not been introduced in today’s launch. But we already saw in the presentation of the iPhone 14 how some of them We will see them in the near future. Let’s see what they are:

Real-time activities

This functionality of being able to see certain activities in real time on our iPhone was one of those functions that started with great force but that for now has been left to be launched later. Apple promises that it will be soon, but don’t look for it today in your terminal because it hasn’t arrived yet.

Features in Game Center

Both Game Center multiplayer support with SharePlay that allows you to play while using FaceTime or the functionality of being able to integrate contacts in the game center and being able to communicate more efficiently with them, they will arrive soon, but not today.

Matter and HomeKit

The new Matter standard that is supposed to delight all those who use HomeKit and their integration with the house, they will have to wait a while longer. It is supposed to be compatible and the reality is that it already is, the problem is that the standard is not ready yet. So it will have to wait.

Digital whiteboard application

The possibility of having a digital board with the ability to draw freely on it and being able to share what we are doing with other users in real time, is not here today. I’m sorry to say it, because in addition to being able to work more comfortably, we could do it on a multiplatform (iPad, Mac and iPhone). It will come again later.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

The possibility that users can create a library of shared photos and inviting anyone with an Apple ID to view, contribute, and edit it, including preferring images and adding captions, will have to wait.

Key sharing

Share keys securely via message or email. A function that will arrive soon, according to Apple.

Apple says that these mentioned functions will arrive at the end of the year. But that time frame is very broad and we will have to wait to see what he tells us or what they do. We are likely to see them, if not all of them, but if a good part in iOS 16.1