The Apple Watch Ultra test we’ve been waiting for. It seems that one is not happy until the specialized staff of iFixit gets to work and disassembles the Apple device. On this occasion it is the turn of the Apple Watch Ultra, the new watch from the American company that has proven its resistance and that will surely delight all those who love sports and adventures. The result of the disassembly test leaves no doubt as to whether or not it is easy to repair the new Apple watch.

iFixit has got down to work and has achieved disassemble the brand new Apple Watch Ultra. Keep in mind that they are highly specialized personnel and they know what they are doing, so the results they offer are very reliable.

First of all, it should be noted that the back of the Apple Watch Ultra shows 4 somewhat special screws. They are pentalobic that gives rise to that we can have quick access to the interior of the clock. However, after removing the back cover, there is a series of gaskets on the screws themselves and another gasket that contributes to the Apple Watch Ultra’s water resistance. The latter broke immediately. Also, accessing parts like the battery and Taptic Engine requires the difficult task of removing the screen.

It is confirmed that this new watch is equipped with a 542 mAh battery, which is 76% larger than the 308 mAh battery in the Apple Watch Series 8. Speaking of size, what has also grown has been the speaker.

From all the video that we leave you in this entry, it follows that repairing the Apple Watch Ultra is very difficult and probably very expensive. So take good care of him.