We analyze the Mujjo leather cases for iPhone 14

Mujjo has renewed its cases for the new iPhone 14 adding compatibility with the MagSafe system and metal buttonsmaintaining the minimalism and quality of materials of always.

Those who seek the touch and elegance of skin for their iPhone should always have a brand like Mujjo in mind. Manufacturer of accessories for Apple, not only cases for iPhone but also gloves, cases for MacBook, etc., it is always a reference in the sector, and has always been considered as «the best alternative to official Apple cases«, with comparable quality and for less money. This year the manufacturer wanted to give its covers the final leap in quality by adding compatibility with the MagSafe system, already essential for many users, and the touch of elegance and design of the metal buttons in the same color as the cover.

The material used by Mujjo is Ecco leather, deserving of the Gold recognition in caring for the environment, and it also uses vegetable dyes to achieve the color (black, blue or brown). The feel of the case is fantastic, and the fact that it doesn’t have rubber edges doesn’t imply a deficit in its grip. The case completely covers the iPhone, including the base, leaving enough space for the microphone, speaker and Lightning connector. It also has a cutout for the vibration switch, which is perfectly accessible.

The camera module is protected by a protrusion of the case. that allows you to place the iPhone on any surface without damaging it, just like the screen. The fine microfiber inside protects the steel and glass surface of your iPhone. The level of finishes of this cover is very high, with a practically negligible leather-microfiber transition.. The holes, the edges… you will not find a single weak point in this case.

Mujjo leather case for iPhone

This year’s additions are the icing on the cake. The MagSafe system has been with us for a long time, and although there are still manufacturers who do not seem to take it very seriously, more and more users do not want a case without it. Mujjo has responded on time and has already added it to this case. Its magnetic hold is strong, and you can use it with any charging base, or attach any MagSafe accessory.. The metal buttons are not as necessary, but they are an extra touch of quality and elegance, and the touch is also appreciated because they are more accessible and their pulsation is very good. the fact that they are the same color as the cover seems like a success to me. It is important to point out that Mujjo has a different case than the one we analyze here, with a card holder, which does not include the MagSafe system.

Editor’s opinion

Discreet, elegant, minimalist and slim, Mujjo cases have always been the reference in the category of leather cases. This year’s models also incorporate two elements that make them even more perfect. One of the novelties was fundamental: compatibility with the MagSafe system. The other gives it an even greater touch of elegance: the metal buttons. After years of using these cases and the Apple ones, the improvements made this year for me put them above the official ones in quality, and they are more affordable. You can buy them at Mujjo for €54 in any of the available colors (link). Soon they will reach other online stores such as Amazon.

Mujjo for iPhone 14
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