In the inaugural keynote of WWDC24 there was time for everything: from the presentation of new features of all operating systems, to new developments in home automation and home automation, including news on the sale of Apple Vision Pro in other countries around the world or new features coming to AirPods at the end of the year. These functions for the Big Apple headphones allow you to increase the usefulness of the AirPods and they are the hands-free interaction with Siri (Siri Interactions), voice isolation and spatial audio in Game mode. We tell you all the details of these functions that will arrive at the end of the year below.

AirPods will receive the new features with an update

One of the new functions for the AirPods Pro has been named Siri Interactions or hands-free interactions. This is a novelty for the 2nd generation of AirPods Pro that allows the user Interact with Siri without saying anything with your voice. That is, we can answer a call by answering yes or no with our heads. This way, we will avoid having to speak in case we cannot do so and we will be able to interact with Siri to take a call, choose to call someone or other interactions that require our response.

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On the other hand there is Voice isolation for AirPods Pro that Apple claims will return calls to a clearer sound even when there are windy conditions or a lot of background noise on calls. All of this is capable of occurring through what has been called advanced computational audio.

Siri Interactions, the new thing about AirPods

And finally, for game lovers, we will add a special custom audio feature for gaming which brings the same spatial audio experience of Apple Music but to games. This function will only be available on 3rd generation AirPods, on AirPods Pro in all generations and on AirPods Max.

All these functions They will arrive at the end of the year through a firmware update as long as the device we connect to has iOS 18 or iPadOS 18 installed.