We analyze the new Logitech MX Mechanical and Master 3S

We tried the Logitech’s new mechanical keyboard, MX Mechanical Minispecific for Apple devices, and the renewed MX Master 3S, the best mouse on the market Now with even better features.

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac

What could Logitech offer with a mechanical keyboard specifically designed for Apple computers? If a few months ago it surprised us with its Pop Keys keyboard (analysis here), this time it offers us a completely different product. This MX Mechanical Mini is nothing flashy, it doesn’t even look like a Christmas tree with colored lights everywhere, it’s a solid keyboard, with extra functions that no other keyboard has, and with an incredible autonomy despite being backlit.

It is a very compact keyboard, with a 75% key layout, identical to what many laptops have. Logitech has also released a larger keyboard with the same features that many users may be interested in (MX Mechanical), especially because of the numeric keypad it incorporates. It is also available in two colors, the white of the image, and another black, which are otherwise exactly the same. They have a USB-C connection to recharge, a power switch and two legs on the base that serve to place it at another work angle. Its construction is very solid, with plastic and aluminum, giving a good feeling of quality, the usual in Logitech.

It is a backlit keyboard, something almost essential for more and more users. Logitech here has not wanted to play with fire, and offers us a white backlight, without more. Yes, there are different lighting effects, which we can configure both by software and by physical button, but nothing more. We can also control the brightness of it. But the best thing about Logitech’s backlight is its automatic control, something I’ve been using on the Craft keyboard for years and now enjoy on this Mechanical mini. To activate it, you just have to bring your hands closer to the keyboard, you don’t have to touch any key, and when you separate your hands, it turns off shortly. On other keyboards you have to press a key and wait a couple of seconds for the keyboard to respond, not here, and that’s delightful. And although we will talk about it later, the battery appreciates it.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini

It is a low profile keyboard, very different from most mechanical keyboards that you can find on the market. Its keys are shorter, its design thinner, and the travel of the keys when typing is small. For those of us who are used to using laptop or Apple keyboards, with this keyboard we have a feeling that is closer to the usual than with other mechanical keyboards. Perhaps lovers of conventional mechanical keyboards see it as something negative, but for me it is a very positive point. The feeling when writing is excellent, something that cannot be described with words. If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard… you can’t know. Thanks to its brown Kailh switches, the noise produced is soft, pleasant to the ears. The non-Mac specific models of this MX Mechanical Mini allow you to choose between browns, blues and reds, but this Mac model does not. In any case, I would have chosen this brown switch, it seems to me the most balanced.

This version for Mac includes the keys that all macOS users look for in a keyboard (Control, Option and Command), also useful if you want to connect it to your iPad (fully compatible). Dispose of three memories available so we can switch from one device to another by pressing a button on the keyboardIt’s that quick and easy. The connection is Bluetooth, and it works perfectly. We can use the Logitech Bolt connector, but it is not necessary and it is not included in the box in this “Mac” version either. In all the time that I have been using it, I have not had connection problems, nor have I noticed any type of delay in writing, I insist, always with Bluetooth.

Logitech MX Mechanical mini and MX Master 3S

One of the aspects that I liked the most about the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini has been its autonomy. Logitech ensures that lasts 15 days with normal use as long as you have the backlight activated, and I have to say that I have used it for two weeks, and it does indeed meet that goal. If you deactivate the backlight the battery will last up to 10 months. In this this keyboard has no competition. And if I talk about what I like the most, I have to say what I like the least: it is not available with the keyboard layout in Spanish. It’s something that Logitech can solve very easily, because the keys are easily replaceable, so they can release a set of keys to adapt it to the ISO ESP, but at the moment there is no news of that.

MX Master 3S for Mac

Logitech has improved the best mouse on the market, the MX Master 3, with the new MX Master 3S that includes small new features that make it even more unbeatable: a resolution of 8,000 DPI and super silent buttons. They may seem like few improvements over its predecessor, but the intention of the brand is not to convince those who already have an MX Master 3 to switch to the 3S, but to offer an even better mouse.

MX Master 3S

The design of the MX Master 3S is the same that has characterized this Logitech model, just a few small changes in tone in some elements will help you differentiate it. Available in this black color and also in white in the specific case of the Mac model, which on the other hand is identical in function to the conventional model. The shape, height and weight of the mouse are perfectly calculated to be as ergonomic as possible. I have been using the MX Master model for many years now, so I am more than used to it and that influences my feelings, but I have to say that It is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.. In the last year I have added a Delta Hub wrist pad (Carpio 2.0) to my desk that you can see in the video, and I highly recommend it if you spend many hours at the desk (link to official website).

The best thing about the mouse, however, is everything it can do, saving you a lot of time and making your daily work much easier. Its six buttons are fully configurable, being able to assign the function that you like the most to each of them. They are strategically placed so that you can access them with your index, middle, and thumb fingers. You also have two scroll wheels, the conventional one with the classic scroll function and another for the thumb that you can use for horizontal scrolling on websites or Final Cut Pro, for example. They are also configurable and you can assign functions like zoom to them. Its main scroll wheel has that fantastic double speed that only Logitech knows how to do and that allows you to change the speed of movement according to the force that you print on it.

Mx Master 3S for Mac

One of the novelties of the mouse is that its main buttons are 90% quieter, which can be very interesting for those who work in a group and do not want to disturb others, in my case it is not like that. I have to admit that at first it seemed very strange to me and sometimes I repeated the click because it gave me the feeling that I hadn’t clicked correctly. But it is not like that, the response of the buttons is exceptional as always, and it is only the strange sensation of not receiving that audible confirmation that causes you to doubt. Once you get used to it, you won’t miss the click again.

The other novelty is the higher resolution of its sensor, reaching 8,000 DPI. This is perfect for those who work with large resolution and large monitors, as is my case with two 4K 27″ monitors. Right out of the box it comes configured at 1,000 DPI, so if you want to take advantage of this new sensor you will have to configure it to your liking, being able to adjust the resolution from 1,000 to 8,000 according to your preferences. The older it is, the faster you will scroll across the screen, a matter of taste. I have left it at 4,000 DPI, in case it serves as a reference.

Mx Master 3S for Mac

The connection is made via Bluetooth, with three memories that you can exchange with the button that is at the base of the mouse, and you can also use the Bolt connector that is not included in this model for Mac. As with the keyboard, it is completely compatible with your iPad, whatever the model, and the connection is stable and no delays. Recharging is done via USB-C, located on the front, and its battery life is 70 days with normal use. I have not been able to verify it, no matter how much I have used it and despite the fact that it did not come with a fully charged battery, it still holds

Logitech Options+

Two hardware products like these are accompanied by fantastic software with many customization options that make them unique. The Logi Options+ app (link) is completely free and allows you to configure both devices, set basic functions such as Bluetooth connection, scrolling speed, etc., but also other advanced functions such as button configuration. The list of functions that can be applied to each mouse button is very long, and not only that, but We can also assign different functions depending on the application in which we areso a button can be used to go back in Safari, to cut in Final Cut Pro, and to take a screenshot when we are in the system.

Login Options+

The application even offers us the possibility of “joining” a Windows computer and a Mac, thanks to the Flow function, being able to pass files from one to another in a simple way. The customization options of the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard are not as valid, but it also has them. Of course we will also receive firmware updates.

Editor’s Opinion

Logitech offers us the perfect combination for those looking for a keyboard and accessory to work comfortably and efficiently. The build quality of this MX Mechanical Mini keyboard and MX Master 3S mouse is of a very high level, as are the benefits they offer us.. And all this without forgetting excellent autonomy. You can buy them on Amazon at the following links:

  • buy keyboard MX Mechanical Mini for €159.99 (link)
  • buy mouse MX Master 3S for €121.32 (link)

MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S
  • Publisher’s rating
  • Rating 4.5 stars

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  • Great build quality
  • very advanced features
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Excellent autonomy


  • Keyboard not available with ISO Spanish key layout