The new (to say the least) AirPods Pro II have already begun to reach users. With this we are seeing those novelties that Apple has been able to implement. There are not many that exist, but like the meigas, have them, hailas. You already know that now the company’s new headphones have better noise cancellation, touch controls, better audio quality and have increased autonomy up to six hours of use on a single charge. Speaking of cargo, something we were not told at the event but that is very good, it is related to the load and how to know the battery that is left, both in the headphones and in the case.

One of the best things that Apple has is its ability to communicate between all its devices. That they can transmit information between them so that in one we can only see the rest. For example, on the iPhone we can see in the Widgets mode how much battery the AirPods have left. It specifies it by telling you the rest of the battery of each of the headphones and the charging case. Until now, in order to know, we had to have the AirPods Pro inside the charging case, but that changes with the new model.

With AirPods Pro II the MagSafe charging case can transmit its charging status to the iOS battery widget even when the headphones are out of that case. Placed in our ears they will also show the load they have. At last. Good news.

Thanks to the fact that the case of the new AirPods Pro II includes the U1 chip built-in that enables Find My with Precision Finding so you can locate yourself exactly. So it seems likely that the U1 chip is allowing the charging case to transmit its battery status over high-frequency ultra-wideband, rather than having to rely on a Bluetooth connection.