Not long ago Apple introduced what is the second version of the HomePod. A speaker not as smart as its competing brothers but with a much better sound. It seems that from the outside there is no big or almost no difference. Inside is another story. What we are clear about is that it carries a new and better chip that will delight its users, but is there anything else we should look at? Thanks to the disassembly that has been carried out, we can see if there are more changes.

Two years have passed since the company decided to suspend the sale of the HomePod and replace it with a smaller one. Now we have the second version and although on the outside it is the same as the model launched in 2018, except for minor thingsthe important thing comes inside and we will finally see, thanks to the disassembly carried out by Brandon Geekabit and recorded on video, we will see the differences.

We can see from the video that the power cable of the HomePod 2 is removable and now a cable is used that can be easily replaced with any other similar cable. Another of the big differences, at least for those who want to repair it or at least see inside, is that now it is possible to remove the upper part of the speaker. In the first model it could only be cut.

The new HomePod has pretty simple hardware. There are five tweeters instead of seven, and four microphones instead of six. Still, the tests carried out show that the sound quality is about the same as the original HomePod. By the way, another difference is a built-in sensor to display the temperature and humidity of the environment in real time.

There is nothing else to see. Thats the reality. A new chip and some more differences. in what seems to be the reuse of thousands of original HomePods that were left unsold. Because, let’s admit reality, it is not a product that was liked very much.