We tested Humelle, the first Thread-compatible humidifier

Airversa has launched Humelle, an air purifier that It is not only different because of its design but also because it is compatible with Threadand for also offering the possibility of diffusing aromas with a system that never mixes with the water in its tank.

A large water tank (5.5 liters), capacity to humidify rooms of up to 50 square meters and 60 hours of use uninterrupted are the surprising figures that this Humelle from AirVersa leaves us. How can you achieve that without having a cumbersome device in your living room? The solution taken by Airversa has been very effective: use a modern and quite iconic design (if it doesn’t sound familiar to you, check out this link) so that it doesn’t have to be hidden, quite the opposite. It also has two extras in addition to humification: the possibility of diffusing aromas and a circular LED light at the base to decorate and create lively or pleasant environments.

Using Thread for connectivity

Although Thread seemed too good to be true, it is already a reality and manufacturers are betting heavily on this connection protocol that makes home automation much more accessible, efficient and comfortable. We have already discussed the virtues of Thread on many occasions, but for newcomers we will summarize them again: faster response, greater coverage thanks to the creation of MESH networks, and better yet, a common standard for all home automation platforms: Matter. Forget looking for the HomeKit, Alexa or Google seal, with Matter they all work. If you want more information you can see the article that we prepared for you with everything you need at this link.

The connection to our home automation network is done from the Home app or from the Airversa Sleekpoint app (link), although it is always better to do it from the official application because this way we can check if there is a firmware update available as soon as we install it. Furthermore, from the official application we have many more functionalities than from the Home application. With this type of device I always do the same thing: configure it from the official application that allows me a much finer adjustment of all the functionalities and then use the Home app for automations, including it in environments or for control through Siri with the HomePod or Apple Watch.

Sleekpoint app

Control with the Sleekpoint app is quite intuitive, and although the application is not translated into Spanish (something that should be improved) it is quite easy to configure everything because the interface is very graphic. In addition to information about the temperature and humidity of the room, we can see graphs with the entire history of the measurements that are carried out over the days, weeks and months. Can program the on and off, we can set the manual mode, set the humidity we want that it remains in the room (recommended around 50%) and we can even activate the Night mode so that the operation is as quiet as possible in case we need to use it while we sleep.

Another feature we have is the possibility of adjusting the LED ring at the base and which allows us to set lights of different intensity and color, even animations with color changes and movements that create different environments. The application offers us many options, but if there are none that convince us, we can create our own, personalized to our liking.

Home Humidifier app

The Home app offers much more limited functionality, something to which we are unfortunately already more than accustomed. By adding the Humelle humidifier, four new devices will appear: humidity sensor, temperature sensor, humidifier and lights. The first two are not seen as such, they appear only in the sensors section of the application. The other two appear by default as a single device with two keypads, but we can separate them so that they appear as different devices, which is what I always prefer.

The humidifier control allows you to turn it on, off and set the operating intensity. The dehumidifier option appears, but that must be because Casa equally identifies humidifiers and dehumidifiers, because it really doesn’t do anything here. The light control is much more rudimentary than that of Sleekpoint, you don’t have any animations, you won’t even be able to configure lights of several colors at the same time. Here it is like with light bulbs, you can choose just one color and you can adjust the brightness, nothing more.

Where the Home application does stand out, as always, is with the automations and environments because you can combine it with other HomeKit accessories such as the rest of the lights you have in the room, to program their switching on, establish brighter or more intimate environments, etc. As I said before, I keep the best of the Sleekpoint app and the Casa appusing the first to configure the operation and leave everything perfectly programmed and adjusted, and with Casa I have included it in environments for the lights.


Anyone who has used a humidifier knows that it is not silent, but in its favor we have to say that it is a very pleasant and relaxing water noise. It can be annoying at night while you sleep, but For that we have the night mode in which the noise is reduced to a minimum. In addition to the noise of the water we have to add the minimal noise of a fan that is included, but which is almost negligible. The steam it emits is perfectly visible, and if you use maximum humidification, a truly surprising cloud of steam is formed.

The best of all is that there are no drips, you can put it without fear on top of some furniture because you will not find any type of condensation or traces of water on the base, something that not all humidifiers can say. Light is a decorative addition that gives a lot of play. Another addition is the diffusion of aromas, although it is a very light diffusion, which is good news for those who have a very sensitive sense of smell, but perhaps those who like more intense aromas will miss greater power in the smell. Yes, it is very convenient that the essential oil does not mix with the water, because it ends up depositing at the base of the tank and has to be cleaned, so in this Humelle we save that.

What’s great is the large water tank that the humidifier includes. The 5.5 liters last for many days, although the manufacturer recommends cleaning the tank every 3 days to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating. Therefore, depending on your use, the most normal thing is that with half a tank you will have enough for the three days that are recommended.. Cleaning is very simple and transporting the tank is very comfortable thanks to the top handle, even when it’s full. You don’t have to carry the entire humidifier, with the handle you transport the tank and then place it back on its base.

Editor’s opinion

In those places with a dry climate, like the one we have in Granada capital, a humidifier can improve your quality of life in your home, and not only for you, but also for your furniture and plants. Humelle is a humidifier with many points in its favor compared to other more conventional ones: design, large capacity, ease of maintenance and details such as lighting and aroma diffusion. And above all, it is prepared for the future of home automation by using Thread, a point very much in its favor. (link).

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  • Thread Connection
  • Modern design
  • Big deposit
  • Customizable lighting


  • somewhat poor aroma diffusion