We tested the Elago cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Elago has been manufacturing cases to protect our iPhone for years, and we have selected the best ones for the new iPhone 14, including all kinds of designs and with or without MagSafe.

There are very few daring who dare to carry the iPhone without protection, so unless you are one of those brave (or crazy) surely you want to add a good case to your Christmas list that does not clash with the beautiful design of the iPhone 14. For For this reason, we have chosen one of the most traditional brands in the world of covers and with excellent value for money, with covers made of different materials, with designs for all tastes, and available for all iPhone 14 models, even for iPhone 14 models. from other years.

transparent hybrid

It is one of the most sought after covers, but also one of the covers in which the quality of the materials used is more important. If you don’t want a transparent case that turns yellow in a few months, it’s better to buy a case that uses top quality materials.like this transparent Hybrid from Elago that also has a MagSafe system so that we can use it with compatible accessories.

Good protection, rigid polycarbonate back with a TPU frame to absorb shocks, buttons with a good click and excellent grip, this case is perfect for those who want to enjoy the original color of their iPhone while protecting it. Its price is €20.99 on Amazon (link).

Glide for iPhone 14


It is a true classic, a case that was released in 2013 for the iPhone 5, and that does not lose its relevance. Available in several color combinations, you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Combine TPU and polycarbonate to give maximum protection to your iPhone 14, all with a very original design in which the camera module has great prominence. The case is very comfortable to carry, has an excellent grip and is one of my favorite designs.

Despite its robust appearance, it is a very elegant case, but if you want to make it more daring, you just have to choose a more striking color combination. Perfect for those who want to protect their iPhone with a case that is different from what is usually seen on the street. You can compare it by €16.99 on Amazon (link).

MagSafe silicone for iPhone 14

MagSafe Silicone

The classic silicone case available in an infinite number of colours. The quality of the Elago case has nothing to envy to that of the official Apple cases, however its price is much lower. This cover It also incorporates the MagSafe system so you can use any compatible accessory with the. The only difference that you can notice with the official ones from Apple is in the buttons, which here are made of the same silicone as the case, although they hold a very good press.

Good protection of the camera module, a very soft touch with very good grip, perfectly positioned cut-outs to match the iPhone’s ports, microphones, and speakers, and a microfiber interior to protect your iPhone with a soft material that won’t damage its delicate surface. You can buy it at Amazon for €24.99 (link).

Pebble for iPhone 14


Do you miss the rounded edges on your iPhone? Well, the Elago Pebble cover is what you are looking for. A very special case because includes powdered stone in its materials, which is combined with the paint and offers us a unique touch, in addition to that texture that you can see in the photos, and an exceptional grip. The main material of the case is TPU, which will protect the iPhone to the maximum.

Its design is very special with curves in all the elements, both in the frame and in the camera module. It is a very comfortable case to wear, very elegant and offers high protection for our iPhone. It does not have MagSafe, I think it is the only fault that I can put on it. Its price is €15.99 on Amazon (link)

Buckler for iPhone 14


The last case that we have selected is the Buckler model, a model that offers us high protection thanks to the combination of TPU in the case that “embraces” the iPhone, together with a polycarbonate sheet that can be removed from the TPU case if we wish. Among its different colors, the one I like the most is this transparent one with a “Frost” look, translucent.

The case offers protection against drops of up to 3 meters, and it does so without being thicker than a conventional case. It has MagSafe available to us, something inevitable with this two-piece design. Its price is €20.99 on Amazon (link)

Editor’s Opinion

Elago offers us a wide variety of covers with designs and materials for all tastes, and it does so with a value for money that is difficult to match. …finding your favorite cover is easy within the Elago catalogue.

Elago for iPhone 14
  • Publisher’s rating
  • Rating 4.5 stars

15.99 a 24.99


  • Different designs and materials
  • high protection
  • Great value for the price