Well, nice and cheap, the MacBook Air M1 is on sale

One of the computers that has benefited the most from the transition from Intel chips to Apple’s own is, without a doubt, the MacBook Air. Well, now is an ideal time to buy the MacBook Air M1, since its price has a really interesting discount thanks to MediaMarkt. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Discounted MacBook Air M1

When considering the purchase of an Apple computer, the truth is that users have to be willing to leave a good amount of money, since in the end these products are not exactly cheap. However, and it must be said, Apple computers that made the jump to M1 processors did not suffer any price increaseso taking into account that its benefits increased considerably, we can say that Apple gave the possibility of being able to acquire more or less.

However, as we said, buying a Mac is synonymous with having to leave you practically at least a thousand euros, or at least if you want to buy it through the official Apple website, since other establishments such as MediaMarkt have very interesting offers such as the one that we bring you in this post, leaving the MacBook Air M1 with 256 GB of SSD and 8 GB of RAM for 999 eurosthat is, a discount of more than 100 euros compared to its official price.

Is it worth buying this computer in 2023?

The MacBook Air M1 is a product that It went on the market in 2020and that even today in the middle of 2023 Apple continues to sell it in its stores, both web and physical, which means that of course It’s still a product that makes a lot of sense.. And it is that as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, this device has really benefited from the transition to Apple’s own processors, since it has been given much greater power and performance than it had before with Intel processors.

MacBook Air Late 2020

Therefore, it is evidence that the MacBook Air M1 is still a computer perfectly usable today, especially for that type of user who needs a light and powerful laptop, perfect for many years to endure all the daily tasks of a standard user, and even carry out others that require a little more power. Also, despite the fact that its design is not the current one, that is, the most modern, its lines are still really elegant and attractive, allowing it to show off tremendous appeal. And it is that despite the fact that there are other processors on the market that are superior to the M1, that does not imply that it has ceased to have and offer the excellent properties that characterize it, so, if it also has a discount like the from MediaMarkt, your purchase is a real success.

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