What AirPods to buy in 2023?

The AirPods They are one of the products with the best value for money in the entire range of Apple, which offer features far superior to many competing products, not only in design, but in audio quality and noise cancellation.

What AirPods to buy in 2023?

The main reason for lasting is the price, since the price difference between different Apple AirPods is very small In terms of monetary value, since the cheapest starts at 180 euros, and the most expensive is around 300 euros.

Now, the price is a fundamental section, but also the type of user who is going to acquire this type of device, since depending on your use it will be more advisable to acquire one device or another.

Differences between users and market segment

Below we are going to analyze which are the least worthwhile AirPods in 2023 and which are the best options, which we can divide into three main products: second-generation AirPods, third-generation AirPods, and AirPods Pro.

  • Second generation AirPods: the cheapest AirPods are also the oldest AirPods in the entire segment. These wireless headphones have no spatial audio, no adaptive equalization, and have the most classic design of all. In addition, the battery is the one that grants the least hours of active use and does not have water resistance. Therefore, if you are a user who is looking for headphones that fulfill their function, have good audio, autonomy and do not want to make a large outlay, it is the best option despite the shortcomings it provides.

Wireless charging AirPods Pro

  • Third generation AirPods: This wireless device has a more current design, getting a little closer to the AirPods Pro range and is between two lands. For one, they have more features than the AirPods 2, but they fall behind Apple’s more professional series in many features. Between his main features, It has noise cancellation, has a sensor to change songs, answer a call, spatial audio and a battery improvement. This device is designed for all types of users who don’t feel good in the ear or have a comfortable grip with the Pro series earmuffs, but who want professional sound quality and the ability to customize certain settings.

AirPods 3

  • Second Generation AirPods Pro: This wireless headset is a bit higher than the previous two, and has a better sound than both, with better quality and clarity, volume control, adaptive environment control and a greater battery capacity in both the headphones and the box. The price, it is true that it is much higher than the other two options, around 300 euros, but for features and quality, it is the best option.

AirPods Pro 2 case

And the AirPods Max?

The AirPods Max are also some wireless headphones, but they are intended for a completely different use, due to the fact that do not have the portability and use that the different ranges of AirPods have.

The price is also much more exorbitant, around 600 euros, double that of the AirPods Pro and they are headband headphones designed for more study, work and production use, not so focused on going out, doing sports with them, taking a walk or when you are going to make some purchases because of the space they take up both in the work briefcase and during use.