What Apple does with its computers you will not like

Apple introduced the MacBook Air M2 at the Developer Conference in June 2022, featuring a new redesign and the M2 chip. Months later, Apple introduced the Mac mini M2, which maintains its design but incorporates the new M2 and M2 Pro chip. Both teams share common aspects that Apple hides and it is very important that you know it.

Apple does not want you to buy the entry versions

When they began to publish first reviews of the MacBook Air, many analysts concluded that the transfer of data from the ultra fast storage memory 256 GBytes that the MacBook Air M2 installs is less than that offered by the top configuration which mounts a 512 GB SSD. The reason seems to be that the base version only uses one NAND chip for two upper drives.

Disk speed reduction has not only occurred on the MacBook Air, but on the MacBook Air as well. Mac mini carrying the M2 chipwhich has even reduced its price at the expense of offering better features at the hardware level.

With this strategy, Apple’s objective is that users in this market segment purchase this product, but don’t buy the entry model, but you opt directly for the version of 512 GByte, which allows for greater speed and file processing capacity, in addition to having more storage space to download applications.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

Does it affect the daily performance of the device?

This decision to reduce disk speed will affect users who purchase the entry versions, because it will take a bit longer to open a document, although if you’re not an expert user or have tried a lot of M2 devices, you won’t notice much of a difference.

This decision is not the first time that Apple has executed it, since with the 2019 MacBook Air made the same move by reducing disk speed to lower prices. On the Mac mini and the MacBook Air, exactly the same thing has happened.

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

The difference is that the Mac, even though it is a Mac mini or the MacBook Air, is a device that can be used by many professionals from different sectorsdue to the great features offered by the second generation Apple Silicon.

From the bitten apple, We do not understand Apple’s decision on the reading speed of SSDsin order to reduce the price of the products a little more, although, we can understand that Apple, when dealing with input devices and its most basic chip, understands that the group of users does not require high disk speeds for their workflow .

You can buy the previous generation

Apple Silicon MacBook Air M1 Review

In case that it goes out of price purchase the new MacBook air and MacBook Pro, at Amazon you can find interesting offers or in the Apple Store online through the student discount for MacBook Air and Mac mini M1. What is clear is that regardless of the team you choose, the user experience will be very good and you’re going to have a great device for many years.

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