What Apple products can I finance from the web?

From the Apple website we have the option to buy all the company’s products. But in addition to the purchase, there are different options with which we can finance these products. Nevertheless, not all products can be financed that Apple sells on its website So here we are going to tell you what you can and cannot finance in the Apple Store online.

Financing at Apple

Apple products are not usually the cheapest on the market. The company knows this, and that is why it offers financing services for the purchase of its products. Also, from time to time, Apple carry out special financing promotions, with which we can pay our purchase in installments without having to pay interest. These are not always available, but the truth is that, thanks to this, we can save a lot of money because we will not have to pay commissions.

Now, not everything is “rosy”. There are limitations with which we will not be able to access certain products and amounts of money to finance. In the case of the minimum amount, Apple indicates that they are 299 euros. Only if we spend that amount of money can we set up a financing plan. Typically, many Apple products break through this price barrier. But there are others that don’t even come close, or stay very close. So if we want to think about financing products such as third-generation AirPods (whose official price at Apple is a maximum of 219 euros), we will not be able to access this service.

It is important to note that this financing only applies to products sold in the Apple Store Online, whether they are Apple-branded or not. In the end, what is being financed is the amount that we are going to pay. With which, a priori, we can think that everything that is sold there can be financed. Well, it may surprise you, but the truth is that there is a product that cannot be financed: gift cards. Although these have a maximum price of 250 euros, Apple Gift Cards cannot be paid in installments.

apple gift card

But this is not the only limitation. The specific financing web page indicates that, if we renew our device (with programs like Apple Trade In), we will not be able to finance it through the web either. So, whether it’s an iPhone, a MacBook or an iPad, if we’re going to trade in our current device for a new one (paying the difference, of course), we’ll run out of options to pay in installments.

The online financing of the Apple Store allows us to pay for our purchases in a maximum period of two years (twenty-four monthly installments). In the same way, the minimum period of time with which we can finance a purchase is three months. The costs of each installment (and commissions) will vary depending on what we spend and the time we are willing to pay for it. So if you are thinking of financing a product at Apple, they offer you a calculator to find out how much you are going to end up paying, if we add the amount of the purchase and the interest.