What are stacks in macOS?

macOS, Apple’s operating system for Mac and iMac, is designed to offer a good user experience in terms of productivity at all times. One of the most successful tools in recent years is the “batteries”. In this article, we take an in-depth look at everything you can do with it.

How do the batteries work?

Batteries, as their name suggests, allow organize automatically the files on your desktop according to criteria predefined by Mac and by the user himself. In this way, when active With this feature, macOS creates groups of files based on their type, date created, modified, last opened, or assigned tags.

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For Activate batteries, just right-click on an empty part of the desktop and select the “Use batteries” option. From then on, your files or projects will automatically be grouped into stacks based on the criteria you’ve selected. From the moment you activate this function, the batteries allow reduce time What are you going through in search of files?

How to get the most out of “stacks”?

Like we said, this tool is amazing for organize the desk and have all the files you are looking for quickly. We are going to see some tips on how to take advantage of the benefits of batteries in macOS.

  • Activate and customize the stacks: To enable batteries, right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and select “Use Batteries.” Next, customize how your stacks are grouped by selecting the “Group Stacks By” option. You can choose between “Type”, “Date modified”, “Date created” or “Labels”. Also, you can adapt the stacks to size, grid and font to suit your style and preferences.


  • File management in stacks: you can open and close stacks with a simple click, making it easy to access your files or projects. Also, you can drag files from one stack to another or add new files to a stack by dragging them to the desktop.
  • Shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts: keyboard shortcuts let you quickly open a stack in Finder or select all the files in a stack. With them, you can streamline file management.

Advantages of using “batteries”

Next, we are going to see some functions in order to see the advantages of using this tool that has been with us for several years. There are three main advantages:

  • Organized desk: If you activate the stack function, you will no longer have to worry about clutter on your desktop, since it allows you to organize based on themes or common elements so that when you want to search for a file, you can find all the products in the same instance related.

  • Quick access to files: you can group the files in different ways: type, date or labels, and check them in a single instant.
  • Personalization and labels: Stacks allow you to choose how you want your files to be grouped, giving you the ability to tailor the feature to your needs and preferences. Next to it, we can add the labels. This way, you can organize the stacks by theme, but you can also categorize by color.

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