Artificial intelligence has captured the attention of users in the last year with the arrival of large language models capable of creating from scratch and applications such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. These tools are called Generative AI and allow you to create content from scratch through a language model enriched with millions of information. Apple is already working on iOS 18, the next major iOS update, which will be presented in June at WWDC24 and will include great artificial intelligence features. But… what functions exactly?

Artificial intelligence in iOS 18: Apple is working on it

There is a lot of information that we have published in recent months around iOS 18. Quickly recapping we know that iOS 18 will be the biggest update in the history of iOS as commented by Mark Gurman's analysis. Furthermore, we know that many of the developments will revolve around artificial intelligence and generative AI. In fact, Apple has contacted major media outlets to be able to use their articles to enrich that generative function. In addition, all of these functions are funded by Apple with a budget of more than $4 billion throughout 2024.

iOS 18

Apple and its future artificial intelligence

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But it is very easy to talk about AI as an entity, the difficult thing is to really nail down what Apple intends to do with this technology in iOS 18 and the rest of the operating systems. Although we have some information extracted from the iOS 17 code and internal information from the first iOS 18 code, We do not know for sure what the impact of AI will be on iOS. What we do expect and have had great proof of this are the following functions:

  • Generative AI in the iWork suite: The formerly called iWork suite are the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps, could receive a great language model capable of generating text from scratch, creating images from scratch and redistributing information in the applications themselves. An example of this could be Microsoft Office Copilot's generative AI.
  • Smarter Siri: We also believe that iOS 18 has to be the turning point for Siri, the iOS virtual assistant that has been far behind the competition for years. This will be the year in which Apple knows how to provide Siri with a new intelligence system that allows it to incorporate those large languages ​​that we have been talking about for a long time, capable of performing much more complex actions.
  • Integration in native apps: AI will be integrated into the entire iOS skeleton, capable of performing different actions within the apps, such as designing responses to messages directly from the Messages app, or creating playlists automatically with the criteria that we specify, etc.
  • Xcode, the era of developers: and, logically taking into account that iOS 18 will be presented at WWDC (the most important event for developers) Apple will integrate a special AI into Xcode, the tool that developers use to create their applications capable of write and power the creation of new apps faster, as currently exists in other AI models.

All of this, as always, are speculations and ideas for applying AI in iOS 18. However, we will only be able to know the impact of this technology in the month of June, at WWDC24, at which time Apple will show all the advances of all its operating systems by 2024.