What can I do with the Apple Store app?

The Apple Store app is the store on your iPhone

In the same way that the App Store is the application store, the App Store is the store where we can buy Apple products and accessories. And in the same way that physical Apple Stores offer experiences such as workshops, technical assistance, repairs, etc. the Apple Store app is the store transferred to the virtual world. And it is also the key to enter the Apple Store workshops that are offered in person.

The main interface of the application is divided into five main areas: Buy, Sessions, For You, Search and Stock Market. In the first section of all is where we will find all the products and accessories of the Apple ecosystem (and related). In addition, we can also buy Apple Gift Card gift cards and we can buy specialized software products for Mac. In addition, we can locate those physical Apple Stores that are near us.

The Sessions section allows us Know the workshops that are given in the Apple Store in person. These are free assistance and we can sign up through the official Apple website, in the physical Apple Store and, also, from the application. In addition to knowing the information, we can book a session. Since this works with our Apple ID, all our information will be automatically uploaded to the workshop registration.

The section For you teaches us a series of Recommended products and accessories for our devices. If we have multiple Apple products linked and activated with the same Apple ID, and if we have that Apple ID for the Apple Store app, we’ll see a summary of all the devices we currently have. And depending on which ones we have, a selection of recommendations adapted to them will appear.

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The last two sections, however, are the easiest to understand. On the one hand, we can search for specific products, services and accessories. And finally, Bag is where we will see the products that we have saved in the shopping cart.

Buy an iPhone with your iPhone

From the iPhone, you can buy an iPhone and pay with your iPhone. It may sound strange at first, but the truth is that each and every one of the Apple products that are sold on the official website and in physical stores are available to buy from the iPhone or iPad. From Apple’s own brand, as well as third-party accessories. From cables and connectors, to wireless speakers and home automation accessories.

And if, in addition, our iPhone or iPad is compatible with Apple Pay, the payment is made in the same way that we buy an application or make payments in other applications. We select the product and when we are taken to the payment gateway, we will have to authenticate our identity with Touch ID or FaceID.

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