We all hope that in just over a month Apple will show us its first glasses, which we have already dubbed “Reality Pro” and which will be a mixture of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Mixed Reality). What can we do with them? Bloomberg seems to know and he told us.

According to a report that was just published in Bloomberg by Mark Gurman, Apple already has developed applications for sports, games and wellness specifically for your new glasses. To this we must add that it already has a subscription service for games (Arcade) and sports (Fitness). And we cannot forget his foray into the world of streaming sporting events with baseball and soccer through his Apple TV+ platform.

The offerings will include gaming, fitness and collaboration tools, new versions of existing Apple iPad features and services for watching sports, according to people with knowledge of the plans. The roughly $3,000 glasses will debut at an event in Juneand the product will go on sale months later. […]

A large part of the effort consists of adapting the iPad applications for the new glasses, which combine virtual and augmented reality. Users will be able to access millions of existing applications from third-party developers through the new 3D interfaceaccording to the sources, who asked not to be named because the plans are still secret.

Gurman also adds other features such as reading books, FaceTime calls, and watching series and movies from Apple TV+, as well as meditation sessions and taking photos. According to this report the applications are going to be based a lot on those that already exist for the iPad, so If there is an app on the Apple tablet, it is very likely that it is on the glasses. All this for the “modest” price of $3,000, something prohibitive for most. A new cheaper model is expected to be launched in 2025.