What can you do in the Apple Stocks App?

The Apple Stocks application, also known as Apple Stocks, is a native application that is becoming increasingly important in a world where more and more workers carry out their daily work buying and selling shares. Therefore, in this post, We are going to analyze what exactly you can do in this Apple app.

Monitoring of your actions and information about the market in general

The Stock Market application allows you to monitor shares, indices and other financial instruments that interest you in order to monitor their movements. Within it, you can get up-to-date information on its performance, including real-time prices, percentage changes, and historical performance charts.

You can also get information about specific value markers. Specifically, it provides information on major stock indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite. In this way, you can get a broad view of how the markets are behaving and how this could affect your investments.

Financial news and personalization

The stock market, so changing due to any political movement or presentation of a company’s accounts, includes a news section from high-quality sources and with constant updates, which lets you know what is going up in the market to invest or remove assets. In addition, you can access expert analysis on different stocks and financial topics, which can help you make more informed investment decisions.


Due to the enormous amount of news, sources and market information, the Stock Market application allows you to personalize the information you want to analyze based on your preferences. You can set a watchlist based on different criteria, such as percentage return, market capitalization, and more. You can also set alerts for the app to notify you when a stock reaches a target price or experiences a significant change.

Comparison of values ​​and historical information

One of the most interesting aspects of analyzing job boards is comparing different companies and markets, which allows you to see Apple’s performance as a percentage, the volume of operations and the market capitalizations of different stocks in one view. of table. This option allows you to easily compare their performance and make informed investment decisions.

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Along with this, you can access historical data and interactive graphs of the stock market so that you can analyze the past of the company or market in question, understand the present and, consequently, predict the future. Historical charts include options such as lines, candlesticks, and bars, allowing you to visualize the information in a way that is easier to understand.

Investment platform and financial information

It is true that the main negative point is that the Apple Stock Exchange does not offer the possibility of buying and selling shares, so the only way is through third-party companies. These shortcuts are supported by Apple, and they include platforms like Robinhood and Fidelity.

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Lastly, Apple’s Stocks app provides financial details about the companies you’re interested in. You can access data like revenue, earnings per share (EPS), dividends, and key financial ratios like price to earnings (P/E) and return on equity (ROE). This information allows you to assess the financial health and growth potential of a company before making investment decisions.