What can you do with the iPad and the mouse?

With the launch of the first version of iPadOS, the iPad has become a completely different team when it comes to interacting and working with it, becoming for many users the perfect substitute for a computer. In this post, we go one of the great contributions of iPadOS: The possibilities offered by the iPad with the mouse.

iPad plus mouse, a perfect combination

With the arrival of iPadOS 13.4, We can extract much more performance from the mouse with our iPad and we are going to see some tricks below. However, it is important to remember that the compatible models are the Apple Magic Mouse, the first and second generation trackpad and then any mouse via bluetooth.

Navigating the interface and quick actions with the mouse

When you connect a mouse via Bluetooth to iPad, a circular pointer appears on the screen, which allows you to move around the pointer and determine the speed of the pointer. Hovering over certain areas or apps in iPadOS will change their appearance, too, so you can be more productive with them. After a few seconds of inactivity, the pointer disappears until you move again.

Along with it, you can also select texts and divide applications with which you are working. In the first case, when we are working with a text and you have a mouse, it behaves exactly like a mouse in macOS, since the pointer changes and a bar appears that allows you to work much more precisely with the text. Also, you can open and split iPad screen, simply by pressing the folder or app that we want to open and dragging it onto the screen. The panel will automatically be divided into two halves.

iPad Personalization

Mouse or Magic Mouse customization

With a mouse connected via Bluetooth, you can also determine how to make a secondary click, as well as the speed of the mouse when moving through the interface. Secondary-clicking on iPadOS has the same effect as holding down the touchscreen on iPad, or Control-clicking (or right-clicking) on ​​Mac.

For customize parametersyou have to go to the Settings appand in section dand mouse select secondary click , and then choose whether you want to secondary click with the left, right, or none. You can also click on an app with a default button where a menu appears with secondary options and shortcuts that the app has.

iPad working

Other tricks of interest

  • Scroll vertically and horizontally: If you are viewing the web page The Bitten Apple from the iPad, you can scroll both vertically and horizontally with the mouse wheel. You can also do it from the settings app.
  • Return to the home screen and display the Dock: If you want to return to the home screen, you can drag the mouse to the bottom and the Dock appears. If you click on the Finder, you will automatically go to the home screen.
  • Access to the notification bar: To access the notifications bar, hover your mouse over the top of the iPad and the lock screen appears, where you can quickly view notifications.
  • Slice over: They are the floating windows that you have in iPadOS. To activate this function you have to select the application and leave it on the home screen and a floating window appears. If you want to hide it, you swipe the app to one side of the screen and if you want to use it again, you swipe it back to the home screen.

ipad table