What do I want to see on the Samsung S24? By Apple fan

Samsung S24 base

Apple users complain that more and more Apple is taking the scissors among the top of the range models and standard base models, but the Korean firm cuts Apple much more. These cuts not only cover the battery, processor, but are also observed in the issue of RAM or storage time. For example, the S23 starts at 128 GB, but it does not have the same UFS that the Pro or Ultra generation has in addition to not starting with the same storage, 128 GB compared to 256.

It is clear that this device comes out every year for compete directly with the iPhone from a previous generation, that is, if the iPhone 15 has been released, well below the iPhone 14-15 and it is very noticeable in the price, which has a super competitive price and the teleoperators sell it like hotcakes. Now, with these cuts, many people may decide to opt for the bitten apple device.

Samsung should go one step further and add some additional features such as fast charging and improved cameras. Obviously, we are not going to add the Ultra cameras, but we are going to improve and balance them.


It is true that we are not going to see a radical change in the design of the S24, because currently we are not looking for changes between generations, but rather we are looking for a distinctive seal and finding a personality so that they are easily identifiable. In this sense, Samsung has done very well because it is the single device on the market that does not have a camera module, but rather the cameras come out of the chassis, so that, when you see them, you say: “He has a Samsung.”

Beyond this, we have to talk about the samsung materialsand that, according to the latest sources, it seems that Samsung is also going to include the titanium in its next generation in the Ultra model, but not in the Plus models or the standard models. It is possible that it will not do so due to the issue of raising prices and it is understandable, but honestly, the Samsung models have enough differences between them to add some more, such as the inclusion of titanium.

Therefore, I do not believe that the S24 generation is a design revolution, but it could be necessary for Samsung to include greater harmony between its generations and not be three partially different models in the same generation.


Samsung devices are amazing in this area and it is an area where all manufacturers look to Samsung as a reference. The Korean firm’s panels have incredible levels of brightness, refresh rate and screen calibration, but there is one aspect that many users do not take into account and it is Samsung’s true Achilles heel.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen

Specifically, we are referring to the PWM. As a hypersummary, the PMW or pulse width modulation, It is a technology that protects our sight and prevents problems such as migraines or pain in our eyes. Samsung is one of the manufacturers with the lowest PWM rate on the market, even below Apple, whose levels are already quite worrying. The manufacturers that are betting the most on this technology are Xiaomi with 2,160 Hz and Real with 2,620. All the others are below 1,000 except Huawei with 1,440 Hz.