What do you do Apple?, the iPad costs more than the MacBook Air

iPad Pro and MacBook Air prices

Apple has been indicating for several generations that the iPad is the ideal substitute for a computer because you can perform all the daily tasks without any problem. The 12-inch iPad Pro is priced at 1,449 euros, that is, a price similar to the MacBook Air M2 that starts at 1,5147 euros and that both devices have many features in common. Therefore, we find two very interesting devices for a similar audience.

The issue lies when you have to add to the iPad Pro the Second-generation Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboardwhich are priced at 149 euros and 429 euros respectively, adding up to a total amount 2,023 euros. On the other hand, the MacBook Air starts at 1,517 euros, with more storage, the same processor and it is not necessary to additionally purchase the Magic Keyboard.

What is worth more?

Focusing solely on price, the quick conclusion is that the MacBook Air is a better buy than the iPad Pro because there’s no need to purchase external accessories. However, despite the fact that they share common aspects, there are issues that a MacBook Air cannot solve and an iPad Pro can and vice versa. So: Which cases is better iPad Pro and a MacBook Air?

When is it better to buy an iPad Pro?

Depending on the workflow Whatever you do, the iPad Pro may be your dream team. You can perform professional tasks such as video editing or photo editing in Affinity Photo as well as manage emails or write reports for the execution of professional projects. In addition, having the Apple Pencil is the big difference compared to the Mac, especially for illustrators and advertisers, since you can work much more comfortably and efficiently than with a Magic Mouse.

The suite of applications for the iPadOS is very interesting because they are designed to get the most out of all the technical features of the iPad such as Notability or GoodNotes, giving a big difference between the Mac and the iPad. In addition, there are Apps that everyone knows such as the Office suite or native Apple applications such as Keynote or Pages that are within iPadOS and, despite the fact that they are also in macOS, the touch screen and the Apple Pencil provide a better user experience.

The best option is the MacBook Air

MacBook Air

one of the greats problems What the iPad Pro presents is that many applications are not adapted for iPadOS. Therefore, if you are a computer scientist who needs to compile code, an engineer, a 3D video game designer or create virtual environments, the iPad is not your device, especially from a software point of view and to a lesser extent from a hardware point of view, since many Apps aren’t ported to iPadOS, so you’ll get great gear, but not your gear.

The problem of lack of applications adapted to iPadOS many users have had to opt for the MacBook Air and make the iPad Pro the ideal complement to their team, but never the main device.

What type of user are you?

iPad or Mac, Mac or iPad, it is not an easy decision, but the user is the one who has to think about what is the workflow you do in your day to day and which of the two devices can be more interesting depending on the workflow you need. If you consider iPadOS, portability, the Apple Pencil, the possibility of being able to connect it to an external monitor and the incorporation of the latest generation Apple Silicon, the iPad Pro is the best option. However, if you need applications that cannot be adapted to said Operating System, the MacBook Air is the most recommended option for you.

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