What everyone expects from the Apple Watch will finally arrive

The Apple Watch is a truly incredible device, and we usually always focus on the technological section, but this device has been able to put technology at the service of people’s health, even saving the lives of many of the users who wear it daily on their wrist. Well, one of the most anticipated functions in this sense is on its way. Keep reading that we tell you.

as we told you, The Apple Watch plays a truly amazing role in everyone’s life. who are lucky enough to wear it on their wrist daily, and that is that not only does it allow you to manage all the notifications from your iPhone like a charm, but it also helps users in two fundamental aspects. The first, to have a much more active life and, therefore, healthier, and second, to have the opportunity to monitor several of the most important vital signseven going so far as to warn of a possible health problem or, calling the emergency services in case you have had an accident.

One of the main contributions or triggers of all these functions are the sensors with which it counts and which are at the service of people every day. Currently, the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra has several really functional sensors such as the heart rate, and the blood oxygen sensor and the body temperature sensor, which it seems that very soon will be replaced. will add a new one, of which much has been said.

Apple Watch will be able to detect blood glucose

According to Mark Gurman, one of the most reputable Apple analysts in the world, the Cupertino company is making really serious progress to be able to introduce this function in future versions of the Apple Watch. In fact, so much so that it seems that Apple has already phased this function, reaching the “proof of concept”. Undoubtedly, this is great news for all users, especially for those who have glucose related diseasessuch as diabetic people, who today the vast majority have to opt for the typical punctures to find out what their blood glucose levels are.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

As reported by Gurman, Apple is developing a silicon photonics chip that uses optical absorption spectroscopy to illuminate different layers of the skin and thus be able to know said glucose value. Now, you have to be very careful with the arrival of this function on the Apple watch, because although the concept right now has the size of an iPhone, from Cupertino they have to work on how to implement it on a device like a Apple Watch, which is much smaller in size than an iPhone.

However, it is a great newssince everything seems to follow the appropriate steps so that, hopefully soon, this technology can be used by all users, especially by those who have this great need in their day to day, making this process much more bearable and confortable.