What gaming platforms are available for Mac?

There has always been this conception that the Apple platform and, specifically, Macs are not equipment designed for video game lovers. However, in recent years, this situation has changed drastically thanks to the appearance of Apple Silicon, the greater opening of Macs and the appearance of various video game platforms compatible with it. Here are some of the best gaming platforms available to Mac users today. In this article, we are going to look at the main video game platforms compatible with Mac.


One of the best-known platforms without a doubt and that has a catalog of video games biggest in the world. This platform includes thousands of titles, themes, prices and tastes depending on the user, since they include both independent games and large releases from the main companies in the sector.

In addition, the platform has community functions, such as chat, groups and user support, which allows players to interact and personalize your gaming experience, making it not only a download platform, but also a meeting between fans of the same story.



Good old Games, is another video game digital distribution platform that has been gaining popularity among Mac gamers. This platform offers DRM-free titles (Digital rights management) and in its catalog you can find both classic titles as well as newer releases.

Along with this, it is a platform that periodically offers Promotions and discounts, which makes it an excellent option for video game lovers looking for deals.

Epic Games Store

Epic Games logo

Little is said about the earthquake in the world of the industry that Apple and Epic Games staged due to the complaint by the company that created Fortnite for Apple’s monopoly rights. This platform has great titles, but it is true that its catalog is more limited than the two platforms mentioned above, Steam and GOD.com.

The great success of Epic Games is based on highlighting exclusive games and its policy of offering jfree games weekly. So, if you’re looking for new and exciting games for your Mac, you can’t miss the Epic Games Store.

apple arcade

Apple Arcade on Apple TVapple arcade is a video game subscription service launched by Apple in 2019. For a monthly fee, Apple Arcade subscribers can access a catalog of over 100 exclusive games, that can be played on both Mac and other Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. Also, unlike the other platforms, this platform goes for subscription, where, in the case of making your purchase, you can access all the games and you do not have to buy it as it takes place on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

It is true that Apple Arcade does not offer the same variety of games than Steam or the Epic Games Store, because it looks for another theme or other types of users. Therefore, it makes it an interesting option for those looking for something different in the world of video games.