What happens to our iCloud data if we die?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, unfortunately, you died today? It is likely that you have information of interest on your iPhone or Mac, not only photos, but even applications with money, files, important documents, etc.

But of course, you don't want to give the password to anyone while you are alive, because you don't want people to be able to access them while you have control of them. So, is there a solution for this? If I die, can someone log into my account?

What happens to my iCloud if I die?

Well, at this point, which we hope doesn't happen to anyone anytime soon, there are two options. The first of them is simply do nothing. If we have information that only we want to keep, and that no one cares if we die, then don't worry. Apple has one of the most advanced security systems, and even if you are not here, and someone has access to your devices, You will not be able to enter in any way without knowing your passwordsso your data will go with you forever.

This has happened on occasions where even the police have requested access to criminal data from Apple, and yet the company is strict in its policies and has not given in to anything, so if you don't give it the password to someone, they will never be able to know what you had on your computers.

Now what if yes we want them to be able to enter, but only if we die? Well, it's very simple, and Apple has an option called digital representative, and that he can become the owner of your account once you die, but be careful, for that you will have to present a copy of death certificatethus ensuring that your heir does not enter without your permission while you are alive.

Once done, that person will be the owner of your accountand you can save, copy or send your photos, videos, documents and everything you had.

If you are not interested in anyone watching you once you die, as I said, do nothing, otherwise, if you are interested in this option, you can enable it by accessing it from these settings:

  1. Open the app Settings either System preferences.
  2. Press or do click your name or Apple ID.
  3. Click Password and security.
  4. Click on Digital representative.
  5. Choose Add digital representative
  6. You can choose between a person in your family or someone outside (even without Apple account)

iphone digital representative

And that's it, now that person You will be able to access it for 3 years after your death to your iCloud information. Of course, the passwords saved in the keychain are exclusively your property, so they will not have access to them, since it could give them access to others that you really don't want. So make sure that if you want them to enter a banking app or something similar, you leave it in notes or in a file, for example, since they will be able to see that.

And you, did you know about this option? Are you one of those who has a digital heir, or do you prefer to take everything to the other world?