One way to collect usage of a service over the course of a year is through a summary. They know that at Spotify well thanks to the well-known Spotify Wrapped, a small animated summary of the main statistics of our listening to the service. Apple Music is no less, but they do it in a slightly more concise way without much animation. For this they have Apple Music Replay, a mixture of statistics and playlists to store your last year. If you want to know how to access Apple Music Replay 2023, keep reading!

Apple Music ‘Wrapped’ is called Apple Music Replay

The evolution of the summaries of the year on Spotify has been in crescendo in recent years. Now, every December the app notifies us of the ‘event’ that is the release of Wrapped with all kinds of content: playlists, images in story format to upload to Instagram and a handful of color and music to make it more exciting.

Apple Music it also has an annual summary of the listens. Is about Apple Music Replay. Although somewhat more discreet, this tool maintains the essence that is nothing more and nothing less than make a compilation of the main listeners in the service. Apple Music Replay gives us the number of hours we have listened to music throughout the entire year, the number of artists listened to, and individualizes the number of hours of our favorite artists.

Apple Music six months free

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So you can get 6 free months of Apple Music if you have been given some AirPods

However, Apple Music has a peculiarity: the Replay of the Year begins in January. That’s why all Apple Music users You can now view the Apple Music Replay of 2023 in the app. Week by week it will be updated with the most listened to songs of the year, it is a small compilation that is forged month by month as you listen.

To access Apple Music Replay 2023, just click on this link to access the platform whether you’re in a web browser or on a device with the Apple Music app installed. Once inside you will have all the information. It is important that for this tool to work well you listen to music daily or frequently to provide quality data to the service.