What is the best Apple One option for you?

Apple One was Apple’s response to bring together all the subscriptions offered by Cupertino today. This subscription allows users to combine the payment of all their subscriptions on a specific day, in addition to offering an interesting discount at a cheaper price compared to individual payments. Currently, Apple offers three levels of subscription, but, which one is the best for you? In this article we are going to see it.

Apple One Single

He individual level Apple One is perfect for users looking for a personal entertainment experience and includes all major entertainment services and the basic version of iCloud, ie 50 GB.

This option is ideal if you are fans of Apple Music and Apple TV+, since, just by using the two services and saving money every month. In addition, they add the option of being able to enjoy Apple Arcade and iCloud, allowing you to have a complete subscription ecosystem. Perhaps the main negative point of this version is that iCloud can be limited with only 50GB.

Apple One Family

The intermediate subscription it is the ideal option for most users, regardless of whether you want to share the subscription with your family or individually. This plan is similar to above in terms of content, since it includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 200 GB of iCloud storage to share among up to six family members. The latter is the main difference, which allows you to have all your content stored in the cloud, which allows you to work from multiple devices.

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He Negative point of this subscription is not the content itself, but, if it is intended for family sharing, it is not understood from a user point of view that no user profiles that allow you to differentiate the content.

Apple One Premier

Apple’s latest subscription type offers the entire subscription catalogue, and is therefore the most expensive option, as it offers exclusive services not included in the previous two versions. Specifically, we are referring to Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. The first option gives you access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers high-quality, while Apple Fitness+ offers a range of training videos led by professional trainers.

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In addition, it also includes an increase in iCloud storage with 2TB of iCloud storage, a storage capacity perhaps too high depending on the type of users.

What is the best option for you?

Although we have already given some points to consider about what is the best subscription of Apple One, it is you who has to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each plan based on your interests and the use that you are going to give to services such as iCloud.

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For Spain, the most recommended plan, according to the La Manzana Mordida team, is the Family plan, since Apple Fitness and Apple News are not available in our country. Also, the Individual plan has a subscription plan in iCloud very limited, which will prevent you from extracting the entire game to Apple’s cloud service. Finally, what you can be clear about is that, choose the option you chooseyou have taken another step in the generation of your own Apple ecosystem.