What is the best iPhone for playing video games?

Currently, the iPhone has become a perfect team to play, not only because of its hardware features, but also because of the accessories that you can connect to make your experience excellent. However, not all iPhone models are designed to play today, so in this post, we are going to talk about the best apple devices for playing games.

All iPhones are capable of playing games, even very old models like the iPhone X. But within the huge catalog of games in the Apple Store and Apple Arcade, there are games that require a lot of graphic power And this segment is where we are going to focus in this article.

You need good hardware

He performance of Apple devices is beyond any doubt, and it is that, year after year, they have been improving and upgrading their processors in each generation, improving performance, power, efficiency and optimization.

From a point of performance viewyou will not have problems because the processors, even with devices that are two years old, are going to have a outstanding performance, without frame drops or considerable temperature increases, unless you have connected the mobile to the current or a hardware problem that increases its temperature. But, in general, they will not offer problems.

You also have to take into account the storageIf you like to have many games downloaded, perhaps the entry models are not the best option, since they start at 64 GB and the Pro models at 128 GB, therefore, the Pro versions have enough standard storage to house your favorite Apple Arcade games. While, with the standard versions you may have storage problems if you do not have the iCloud service installed.

iphone 12 pro max

ConsequentlyWhat devices can serve well to play?, from the iPhone 12 Pro to the current generation, they are suitable devices for it. The A12 Bionic processor is very powerful and the A14 Bionic is a continuity and better focused on the efficiency and optimization of resources. However, there is a key section What is the screen like and what are we going to see next?

screen is key

The screen models that have gone the most repeating in recent years are the devices of 6.1 inches and the models of 6.7 inchesAlthough we find two different versions such as the mini series and the Plus series.

Regarding the mini series, we refer to the generations 12 and 13 and it is that, despite the fact that they have two large processors, they have such a panel size low that you probably can’t enjoy your best games or classics like Civilization VI.

Games and Apple Arcade

On the other hand, all models, from the 13 series, have the screen Super Retina XDR They offer incredible resolution. This screen is capable of reproducing vivid and sharp colours, which makes it possible to faithfully reproduce the tones of any video game. Therefore, the series Pro and ProMax They are the most recommended options for video games due to their screen, autonomy, battery and performance. However, within the standard options, the series 13 standard, due to its low age, also make it a suitable device for several years. And if, within the latest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 14Plusas the main option for having the same screen ratio as the Pro Max series.