What is the difference between Apple Store and Premium Resellers?

When we want to buy an Apple product and we want to do it in an official store, we have two main options: the Apple Store and the Premium Resellers. Although both establishments fulfill the function of selling and providing technical assistance, these They present differences that, at first, are not usually seen. So in this post we are going to review the most important features that differ in both stores.

who sets the store

The first characteristic that you should know is that the Apple Stores are establishments that the company itself makes available to customers and users. It is the manufacturer himself who puts his own “dealer”. Premium Reseller stores, for their part, are establishments that tThey have authorization from Apple, but they are not put by the brand itself.

So while an Apple Store is more like a “branch”, Premium Resellers They are more like a “franchise”. Because, once authorization has been requested and the requirements are met, they can sell all Apple products using the name officially, and without the danger of incurring legal problems.

Furthermore, the ownership or management of the store is not the only difference. But the location is also different. Thus, while the Apple Store (in Spain) are only present in some cities, the Premium Resellers are in places where there is no physical Apple Store and, in this way, users can access to buy products in an authorized store, and be able to receive the same technical assistance (with official parts) as in an Apple Store.

prices and products

Premium Resellers have a somewhat different philosophy, in terms of prices and product availability. And although they always move under guidelines that do not completely break with Apple, certain licenses can be taken. On the one hand, Apple Stores stop selling certain models after a presentation. And if you wanted to wait until after the presentation to buy that specific model, you can no longer do it there. But you have to go to a Premium Reseller.

apple premium reseller

In fact, Apple’s own website, in certain sections, indicates that some models of its products are available at authorized dealers. In the same way as the products, the price may be different. This is thanks to the fact that they launch their own offers, within reasonable margins. If we buy an iPhone or iPad from a Premium Reseller, we can access discounts for future purchases at that establishment, combined product packages at a reduced price, and access to Apple services for free, for a certain period of time.

Apple products, however, are not the only differences. It may also be the case that certain accessory manufacturers or specific models are available from a Premium Reseller. Or only in an official Apple Store. If you live in a city where you have an Apple Store and a Premium Reseller, it’s a good idea to visit both stores (if you can) to buy accessories that might be useful for the devices you already have.