What is the maximum charging power that my iPhone supports?

It is something important, since, in most cases, our phone can charge much faster than we usually offer it, and that, when we are in a hurry, is a very important point that can save us a lot of time.

What power does my iPhone accept?

And although the value is very similar in all Apple iPhones, there are small differences that can be very significant when purchasing a charger, although I have to tell you one thing, if you don't know the maximum that your device accepts, the easiest is to go overboard, buy a 100 W one and have this accessory for many years. Mobile phones and other devices are prepared to take only the necessary power, so it is not bad to use one with a higher amperage (not voltage).

We could leave you a list of the different models and versions, however, because they have been with the same system for many years, it is easier to divide it into only two sections:

  • Pro models: Up to 27W of power
  • Normal models: Up to 20W of power

This applies to both the latest iPhone 15 with a USB Type C connector, as well as the old iPhone X, which will not even be updated to iOS 18, but which also support this fast charging.

That is, if you have a normal model, you can use the 20 W Apple charger, and you will not get any difference with one of higher power, however, and this is the interesting thing, if you have a Pro or Pro Max version you can take advantage of up to 27 W, that is, if you use the 20 W one you will be charging your device much more slowly than possible, so it would be advisable to get one with higher power.

In the latest iPhone 15, Apple has caught up to its speed, and from the factory, these devices could reach much more (thanks to the type C connector), it is only a matter of time, or a European Law (which is quite active in this) that forces them to do so.

Therefore, it would be advisable that if you are thinking of buying a new charger, you do so thinking about the future, and not limit yourself to 27 W. I leave you here, as a recommendation, one that is quite interesting in terms of performance and price.

With this example we would obtain up to 65 W, enough even to charge many laptop models. So, if you are an iPhone user, you will have an accessory for many years, since I doubt that Apple is going to increase that range in the short or medium term.

And you, did you know what maximum power your iPhone accepted? Were you using a suitable charger? Or, on the contrary, have you been using one since you got it that does not offer you the speed that the iPhone itself can give you? Leave us a comment with your opinion, your iPhone model and the brand of charger you use.