What new features will we see this year in iOS and iPadOS?

iOS 16.3 is already among us and it is one of the great updates that we have been waiting for a long time. In a few days the first betas of iOS 16.4 will begin and with them the new features that Apple will want to launch in this update. in the inkwell we have a lot of great features that Apple unveiled at WWDC 22 and yet they have not seen the light until now for one reason or another. It is likely that many of these features will not see the light of day in iOS 16 and Apple prefers to wait for iOS 17 to be released. We are going to analyze these functions and their perspective for the future. After the jump

A year marked by new features in iOS and iPadOS left in the dark

As we said, iOS 16.4 will arrive in the coming months and its development will begin with the first betas for developers. Parallel in Cupertino already working on iOS 17, the next great operating system from the big apple that will be presented at WWDC 23. As we have been saying, Apple presented various features at WWDC 22 that were going to be integrated into iOS 16 but they haven’t done it yet. Will they do it in the next updates to iOS 16 or will Apple reserve some surprise for iOS 17?

First of all, we have the Safari push notifications. The announcement came in June with the presentation of iOS and iPadOS 16. And it was nothing more than the incorporation of a system that supported push notifications from websites in Safari, as has been the case in macOS for some years now. Although it is true that we do not know anything about this function in the latest betas, Apple may want to reserve the function for iOS 17 with a facelift of all the web apps.

Apple Music and AirPods

Another of the novelties that we expect like water in may is Apple Music Classical. A section or service dedicated to classical music integrated into Apple Music. We have been behind this service for years with indications of its launch in the source code of iOS but we still do not know anything officially. All we know is that Apple bought Primephonic in 2021, a streaming music service dedicated to classical music. Seen what has been seen, it is very likely that iOS 17 incorporates this function as a novelty of Apple Music.

iOS 16.3

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Beyond these functions we have the news of Apple Pay. At WWDC22 we learned about the option Apple Pay Later, a credit anticipation system by Apple to make purchases. With this, a payment was divided into different payments with zero interest for the user with the aim that the Big Apple would advance the money (through a bank, presumably) to be able to buy what the user wanted through Apple Pay. We also have pending the incorporation of the savings account within Apple Pay, a savings system thanks to the Apple Pay partner Goldman Sachs.

mercedes carplay space audio

Finally, CarPlay also has a facelift pending with new features and customization options. Apple announced new widget of speed, deposit, temperature and much more in the panels. In addition to controlling the air conditioning and radio or customizing native Apple Music or Weather widgets. We’ll see if a big CarPlay update arrives with iOS 17, a system that is increasingly integrated by more and more cars.