What no one expected! Apple launches a new HomePod

For days there have been many rumors indicating the launch of two new Apple computers, however, although there were indications that the possibility of seeing a new HomePod in the first quarter of 2023 dropped, no one imagined that it would be so soon, and it is that Apple has just introduced the new HomePod, a product that many users have been waiting for for a long time.

As we said, many rumors in recent weeks pointed to the launch of a new HomePod in the first quarter of 2023, however, no one could have expected that the launch of this product would be so imminent, since what we all expected back then today was exclusively the renewal of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

News of the new HomePod

After removing the original HomePod from the market in March 2021, Apple only had the HomePod mini as a smart speaker in its catalog, something that of course is really strange, that the only product in that range is called HomePod mini, so It left good clues to the intention they had from Cupertino to launch a new HomePod that would arrive to take the place of the already discontinued one.

Well then, that HomePod is already here because Apple has just presented it through a press release. First of all, what must be highlighted is its size, since everything seemed to indicate that Apple’s movements were going to reduce the size of the original HomePod and launch a version with an intermediate size. However, this has not been the case, and really on the outside what users can see is practically the same HomePodnot to say that the body is the same, in fact, its name indicates it, second generation HomePod.

HomePod 2

If the Apple speaker is characterized by something, it is the great sound quality that it is capable of offering users, and it seems that this 2nd generation is going the same way as the original, that is, it is one of the best speakers that you can find on the market to use together with the rest of the equipment that makes up the Apple ecosystem, since the second highlight, obviously, is the presence of Siri, being both this and the HomePod mini the axes of all HomeKit-compatible home automation.

Price and release date

Once you know the features of this new Apple product, it’s time to talk about the price, a fundamental aspect. Despite the fact that all the rumors indicated that Apple’s plans included launching a HomePod that was somewhat cheaper than the one that was removed from the market in March 2021, none of that has happened, and it is that this 2nd generation HomePod costs 349 euros, which, of course, is far from the 99 euros that the HomePod mini currently costs.


However, and everything must be said, taking into account the great power and sound quality that this device offers, surely the price is more than justified, which does not remove the disappointment that many users who expected a cheaper version of what the HomePod had been up to now, something much closer to the HomePod mini. Regarding the availability of this equipment, lReservations can be made now and the official launch will be on Friday, February 3.