What photos should you ask in Wallapop to know if an iPhone is ok

Probably all users have looked at a product in wallapop to buy it second hand at a much cheaper price and the products of the bitten apple are no exception, especially the iphone. Apple’s flagship product is one of the products with the best resale rate due to Cupertino’s update policy and the quality of Apple products.

What should you ask a seller on Wallapop?

There are many users who they renew their iPhone every year and they sell it through this platform for those people who do not want to make a large outlay or consider that the iPhone is not an essential product and above all, they do not mind having a device from last year without the latest news.

In addition to all this, many Apple users do like to have always the latest news, so there are a large number of users who want to sell it. However, not all of them have the same price, since each one sets a price based on the specifications and condition of the product.

One of the best options that wallapop has is the possibility of being able to upload product photos and descriptionsso it is the first step that every potential buyer has to take when starting a conversation with the seller, where there are some aspects to take into account:

The photos, keys to know if it is a good product

At first, when a user submits a bgood collection of photos it is an indication that it is a seller who knows that they have a good product and in perfect condition and does not mind showing the device from multiple angles. Therefore, any user who has a single photo, or that an official photo of the device appears and not made from another mobile device, it is clear proof that this user is not a correct or legal seller.

If the user convinces you and you want to ask for more information about the product, you have to ask very specific photos and whenever possible a video on how to Unwraps iOS on the device. If the operation is smooth, it means that the device is official and not a counterfeit and has not suffered any impact that has affected the essential components of the equipment.

ios 15 on iphone 13

You can also ask for those images that the panel is seen from many angles and views, to know if the screen has scratches; you can also ask photos of the vertices of the chassissee if it has marks of falls and photos of the piPhone back arte, in case the lenses are damaged.

What more can you ask?

We have already seen that the iPhone is in good condition, however, it is advisable to request a series of photos of the internal and external elements of the device in order to verify the veracity of the product. The most obvious of all is to ask for a photograph of the invoice and serial number of the deviceto verify that the same and to know how long the guarantee has or remains for the product.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone

It’s also good ask for photos original box, covers and accessories, as well as photos taken with the phone. In this way we can predetermine that it is a first-hand product and that it is well cared for because it uses official covers and accessories such as an external battery or charger, since all this contributes to a good condition of the product or not.