What to do if my iPhone battery is yellow?

The answer is simpler than it seems, since it is Energy Saving Mode, a smart feature of your iPhone that you should not worry about. However, below we are going to see why it sometimes appears and how we can manage this option.

The yellow color on the battery is not a problem

To begin with, it is important to make clear that “Energy Saving Mode” or “Low Power Mode” is not a problem on your iPhonebut a feature designed to help you conserve battery life and extend charging time.

What does the yellow battery icon on your iPhone mean?

When you see the yellow battery indicator on your iPhone, you don't need to worry. This color change occurs when your device enters what is known as Power Saving Mode. This mode automatically activates when your iPhone's battery drops below a preset level, typically 20%.

It was Apple that introduced this functionality with the arrival of iOS 9 in 2015. As the battery drops to 20%, you will receive a notification asking if you want to activate Power Saving Mode. If you do not activate it at that time, you will receive a new notification when you reach 10% battery.

However, you can also manually activate Power Saving Mode at any time. This is achieved through the Settings application on your iPhone or from the Control Center of the iPhone itself.

What does battery saver mode do?

When your iPhone is in Battery Saving Mode, you may notice certain changes in its behavior. Overall device operation may slow down and some features may not be available until you disable this mode or until your battery charges above 80%.

iPhone X using

According to Apple, these are some of the features that may be affected when Battery Saving Mode is activated:

  • Auto lock– Your screen automatically locks after 30 seconds, regardless of your normal auto-lock settings.
  • 5G deactivation– Except for video streaming, 5G connectivity is disabled.
  • Screen refresh rate– On iPad and iPhone models with ProMotion display, the display refresh rate is limited to 60Hz.
  • iCloud Photos and Automatic Downloads– These functions are temporarily paused until Battery Saver Mode is deactivated.
  • Screen brightness reduction: Screen brightness is reduced to save power.
  • Background App Refresh: This function is temporarily paused to conserve battery.
  • Disabling some visual effects– To optimize battery performance, some visual effects are disabled.

All this is done with the aim of preserving the useful life of the battery when it is at low charge levels.