What to expect from the new generation of AirPods

Since their launch in 2016, Apple AirPods have been evolving little by little to become a reference for many. After the launch of the 3rd generation of AirPods and the improvement of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, many of us are wondering when we will see a new generation of this device.

Through the rumors and leaks that are circulating, we can get an idea of ​​what Apple has in store. So let’s see what this next generation of AirPods 4 could be like.

Main new features that the AirPos 4 could incorporate:

A continuous design but with audio improvements

Across two generations, the original design of AirPods has remained unchanged. However, with the third generation released in 2021, a redesign was introduced that could be here to stay. This suggests that the fourth generation could follow the same design line, maintaining a minimalist and modern look that has always characterized Apple products.

One of the key improvements expected is the adoption of the H2 chip, which is currently found in the 2nd generation AirPods Pro. This chip promises to deliver an exceptional acoustic experience when combined with a new low-distortion audio driver and a custom amplifier. This should translate into improvements in bass and clearer sounds over a wider range of frequencies. All this thanks to improvements in computational audio enabled by the H2 chip.

Bluetooth connectivity could also get a significant boost with Bluetooth 5.3. This technology provides a faster and more reliable connection, as well as greater energy efficiency, which could positively affect battery life.

Touch volume controls

One feature that could be coming to the 4th generation AirPods is the addition of touch volume controls, similar to those found on the AirPods Pro. This would allow users to adjust the volume by simply sliding their finger up or down on the stem. the headphones, providing more intuitive and comfortable control. This is, without a doubt, one of the most desired features by AirPods users since it is super comfortable.

Improvements in the Search App

These improvements to searching for our AirPods when we can’t find them could include the ability to track the exact address and distance of the device. Additionally, the inclusion of a speaker in the charging case could make it easier to locate the earbuds even when they are inside it. The 4th generation AirPods are also expected to be compatible with Apple Watch chargers, as is already the case with the Pro generation.

USB-C and possible release date

Apple’s transition to the USB-C standard is inevitable, and the 4th generation AirPods are expected to adopt this port instead of Lightning. As for the release date, although there are no specific rumors, it is believed that it could be end of 2024 or early 2025, following the launch pattern of previous models.