What will be presented at WWDC 2023? here you have it all

A few weeks ago, Apple sent the announcement of its next Keynote, which, how could it be otherwise, given the dates we are on, is about WWDC. Surely this year’s is one of the most anticipated Developer Conferences in a long time, since the great amount of rumors that revolve around it are tremendous, not to say that, almost certainly, not only the new ones will be presented operating systems, but also new devices. However, if you want to know everything that is coming, keep reading that we will tell you.

The first thing you have to know is that this not a normal Keynotesince in the end its own name indicates it, it is the Developers Conference that Apple performs every year where, in theory, the main protagonist is always the software. In fact, so much so, that the normal thing in this type of Keynote is that there is no presentation of any product, since as we said, the protagonists in this case are the new Apple operating systems. Now, almost certainly this will not be the case in this next WWDC.

What is Apple going to present at WWDC?

Before we have told you that this WWDC is one of the most anticipated in a long time, and it is that the expectation and hype created around this Keynote and, above all, around everything that can come from it, is very great . Let’s start by talking about security, which is obviously Apple’s new operating systems for all its devices. They are next.

  • iOS 17
  • iPadOS 17
  • watchOS 9
  • macOS 14
  • tvOS 17


In addition, according to the information that is being known and filtered about the new operating systems, it is going to be a really interesting Keynote with very striking news, mainly in two of them, which is about which information is known, such as iOS 17how could it be otherwise, and watchOS 9which many analysts have indicated will be the biggest change to the Apple Watch to date.

apple glasses

That said, let’s go with the products or devices that could be seen in this Keynote. The most commented and the most talked about are Apple’s mixed reality glasses, and the reality is that we could almost confirm that the Cupertino company is going to present them at this event. Initially, Apple’s plans were to launch them in a single event in March or April, however, they have not arrived on time and have been postponed to this WWDC. It would really be very strange if this did not finally happen, so we can almost take it for granted that we will see them on June 5. Now, it will not be the only product that, in theory, would be seen at WWDC in 2023, since it will also make an appearance, or at least so all the rumors indicate, the new 15-inch MacBook Airwhich according to what has been leaked, was also prepared to be presented in this ghost Keynote that was to be held in March or April.