The great successful renovation of the iPad mini took place in 2021. The last generation introduced a drastic design change which brought it closer and closer to the standards of the iPad Pro. In addition, the Touch ID sensor was reintroduced, the Home button and the Lightning connector were removed, introducing the USB-C connector instead. A year and a half after this radical renewal we do not know news about the next generation. However, Minh Chi-Kuo believes that the next iPad mini will be released in the first quarter of 2024.

A new iPad mini for early 2024

In the month of December we told you that Kuo had exposed his prediction. And it was that the new generation would arrive at the end of 2023. However, Ming Chi-Kuo has modified the prediction sticking to Apple’s new plans placing the iPad mini 7 for the beginning of 2024.

There are no changes regarding the improvements that will be introduced in this new generation. stands out the new chip, since this update would only be a launch focused on technical specifications and not so much on design since we are coming from a big change in 2021.

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Also comment the possibility that this new generation brings technology Promotion to the iPad mini screen allowing up to 120Hz refresh rates. However, other analysts such as Ross Young rule out this point and assure that we will not see news of this type in this update.

What seems to be no doubt is that Apple continues to work on improving its products and we may see a new iPad mini in early 2024, a strange date considering the iPad release schedule that we have been having years ago. We’ll finally see how it all unfolds.