What you can do with Apple glasses is revealed

WWDC 2023 is just around the corner and with it Apple’s mixed reality glasses, a product that has been talked about a lot, and about which it is still not 100% known what it will be able to offer to users. users. Well, in this post we are going to tell you about some of the functions that this equipment seems to have.

Sport, always important to Apple

One of the pillars for Apple has always been promote sports activity among users who use their devicesIn fact, a great example of this is the Apple Watch, although it is not the only one. He will apparently be joined by the new mixed reality glasses, since many of its advantages will be focused on sports.

Apple will make it possible for users who enjoy this device to eTrain with other virtual trainers that will guide them in the sports practice of different exercises and routines, that is, that Apple Fitness + will be within the operating system of the glasses. They will also have meditation sessions with different graphics, sounds and voiceovers that will help the user to experience that relaxation.

Native apps will be present

How could it be otherwise, all native apps of Apple will have their place in the operating system that, it is assumed, will be called realityOS, or something similar. To begin with, all users will be able to access the app store through a 3D interface, in which they can choose which applications they want to install and which not. One of the most prominent will also be Apple TV, since it will allow users to immerse themselves much more in the content they want to consume, with special attention to MLB and MLS matches. However, Apple will also provide a TV app dedicated to videos of virtual reality environments.

Another of the apps that will gain special importance, and it makes all the sense in the world, is FaceTime, since in it you can use different Memoji-type avatars to enter virtual meeting rooms, that is, a kind of parallel reality in which you can meet your friends and family to transform the mythical and traditional video call into a virtual meeting . Even, and this would be really interesting and productive, the cameras of these glasses will allow you to take a photograph that will adapt to a 3D interface allowing users to work collaboratively.

Despite all this, doubts about this product They are real, even within Apple there are many workers who have expressed their intrigue and concern about the future success or failure of this product, especially considering that the starting price will be really high, around $3,000. However, it will be necessary to verify, in just over 1 month, how Apple is capable of presenting and selling this product to users, since if there is a company capable of generating needs for users, without a doubt that is Apple. . However, surely from here to 5th Junewhich is the date chosen by the company to celebrate WWDC, more functions of these mixed reality glasses are known, and how can it be otherwise, here at La Manzana Mordida we will tell you about it.