What you should know before buying the Apple Watch Ultra

Last September, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, an extremely expensive device designed for elite athletes who are looking for professional activity monitoring as well as a different design from the 8 series. In this post, we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of the most expensive Watch in Apple’s history.

Apple Watch Ultra, between two lands?

Next we are going to analyze the main disadvantages of a product that Apple presented for professionals and that does not meet the needs of many users.

  • Price: The 999 euros that the device starts is a very high price compared to the premium watches of the competition that are around 600 euros and that offer the same or better functions than the Ultra series.
  • Battery: The battery of this new device lasts for two days and in standby mode for up to three days. It is a much shorter duration than the 15-20 days that Garmin offers on its devices. Therefore, they are not designed to carry out extreme activities of several days because the device runs out of battery. One solution could be that your iPhone had reversible charging. However, it is an option that does not include any iPhone today. Consequently, the Watch is intended for users who carry out professional activities, but who can charge the device daily or every two days at most.
  • Straps: Apple Watch series 8 bands are Ultra compatible. However, the fact that it is compatible does not mean that they feel good in the hand, since the wrist measurements are different, giving a feeling of disproportion between the wrist and the strap.


The Apple Watch Ultra is a device designed for users who perform exercises in a semi-professional way, but who do not carry out great activities. Users who hike for several hours or perform complex activities for a short-medium period of time. Therefore, it is a direct evolution of the Apple Watch series 8, but it is not a revolution to compete directly with the great leaders in the sector such as Garmin.

Advantages of the Apple Watch ultra

  • Endurance: the Apple Watch is a product prone to scratches and bumps. Despite the improvements in terms of construction and materials, it continues to be a reason for discontent on the part of Apple users and one of the reasons for repairing the device. The Ultra is not indestructible, but it is much stronger than previous versions, especially due to its titanium construction.
  • iPhone’s best friend: the Apple Watch Ultra is the device that is best understood with the iPhone, above any model on the market. It is true that they have a certain dependency and that both devices have to be on the same version of the operating system. If you want to continue in the Apple ecosystem and have the best synchronization with your wrist, the Apple Watch Ultra is your ideal device.
  • The quality of construction materials: All Apple products have exceptional quality in their materials and finishes, and the Apple Watch Ultra, without a doubt, lives up to the Apple brand when it comes to its materials.

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