The number of messages we send per day through WhatsApp is increasing. We have found in this app an effective communication system that allows us to quickly entertain and communicate. Over time, the service has been redesigned and it looks more and more like a regular social network. One of those interesting functions are the WhatsApp states, which are still ‘stories’ within the messaging app. WhatsApp has announced new ways to share in these WhatsApp states and will see the light in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp states receive news

As they explain on their website, the WhatsApp states allow sharing ephemerally content that lasts 24 hours. This content can include videos, photos, GIFs, text, and much more. One of the advantages of this function is that, like chats and calls, statuses They are protected by end-to-end encryption.

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Through a press release they have announced new ways to share in the states that will see the light in the next weeks. These are the main novelties:

  • Private public: Before publishing a status, we can select which people individually we want to access said content. We can do this with each of the states that we decide to upload. Also, the settings from the last post will be the default for the next one.
  • Voice States: With this new function we can publish voice states of up to 30 seconds as if it were a voice note.
  • Reactions with emoticons: we had the possibility of responding in many ways to a state. However, we couldn’t react with emoticons and this feature will eventually be available. We will be able to react to any status with one of the 8 emoticons selected by WhatsApp.
  • Profile rings: Until now we had to enter the ‘Status’ section to be able to see if any user had any status published and pending to be seen. Now, a ring has been created around the user’s profile photo that will indicate that they have a status pending for us to see. These rings will appear in your chat list, in group participants, and in the contact information itself.
  • Link preview: As with the voice states, an option already available in the chats will be added. It is about being able to publish previews of the links that we publish in the states so that we can review the content that we are going to access at a glance.