We had not had any fresh news in the WhatsApp betas for a long time. The beta program brings together certain privileged people who, through weekly updates, test the news that WhatsApp is launching. Many of those features never see the light of day, but many others are outlined and scheduled for release weeks later. on this occasion the new beta of WhatsApp introduces the edition of messages already sent, the possibility of silencing strange calls and the possibility of mentioning entire groups within the same community. We tell you everything below.

Editing messages in WhatsApp in sight?

The WhatsApp beta program on iOS works through the TestFlight tool and a new version has been released, the with very interesting news that we know thanks to WABetaInfo. Several of these features were already available in the Android and WhatsApp Web betas. However, that they come to iOS is something very positive because they prepare for the launch scheduled in the coming months.

Edit messages on WhatsApp

The main novelty of this beta version is the editing messages already sent within 15 minutes of sending it. The objective of this function is none other than to try to modify writing errors, so WhatsApp has decided that 15 minutes is the maximum to edit the message. We also know that we can modify the messages unlimited times and always from the same device that we send it. That is, we cannot open the edition of messages from another device.

New WhatsApp features for administrators

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More news in the new WhatsApp beta

Another feature included in the beta is the ability to mention users in a whole group within the Community chat. That is, if we are in a group called “Friends” of a community called “Floor Block”, we can mention the @Friends group directly from the community chat. Thanks to this, all the people who are part of the group will receive an alert in the same way that they would receive it if we mentioned them one by one. It has also been included Possibility of silencing the calls that come from users that we do not have added in our contact list.

Finally, a modification of the communities interface has been introduced by adding a new button within the header of the community announcements that would allow easier access to linked groups with the community itself. Remember that all these news They are only in beta for iOS and that we will probably see them in a final version and for everyone in the coming weeks.